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No Strikes to Expect at Jimmy’z

After a few weeks of tough negotiations and an open threat of strike, the employees of the SBM team say they have reached an agreement with their employer at Jimmy’z. They even thanked their immediate superiors, saying: “Staff delegates (Béatrice Ridolfi, Raphaël Bonniez, Gilles Pelassyand Didier Pelassy) and all of the team staff would like to thank Jean-Luc Biamonti, CEO and Human Resources Director, Agnès Puons. In spite of the difficulties currently faced by the Société des Bains de Mer, they have taken steps to safeguard all the jobs of the staff threatened by the renovations at Jimmy’z with favourable conditions for the employees.” Of the twelve employees who were to be moved from the team to another service, two have opted for pre-retirement and one has retired. During the construction work at Jimmy’z, which is expected to last about three years, the seven head waiters and two remaining bartenders will share their time between the Buddha Bar and the team duties. “At the Buddha Bar they will be paid on a percentage basis,” says Gilles Pelassy, ​​staff representative. However, once the renovation work is completed, they will resume their initial fixed salary position. The effective working time at the Buddha Bar should be a total of six months during the course of the three years. The rest of the time, they will provide cocktails and private parties at Sporting d’été or elsewhere depending on the catering contracts signed by SBM. Staff delegates also welcomed the intervention and mediation of Pascale Pallanca and Sophie Vincent of the Department of Labour “for the clarifications made”. An agreement was signed by the whole team and the general management of SBM on 29th December.

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