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Nobu Monte Carlo Reopens with Fresh Renovations, a New Head Chef & Delights that Will Surprise

Nestled in the heart of Monte Carlo, Nobu Monte Carlo reopened its doors on May 10th after a highly anticipated renovation. This iconic restaurant, known for its blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, is poised to begin a new chapter in its storied history.

The recent renovations at Nobu Monte Carlo have transformed the restaurant into an even more luxurious and immersive dining destination. The redesign draws inspiration from natural tones and traditional Japanese patterns, capturing the essence of Monte Carlo’s opulence. The interior now features fine materials such as natural oak, rich fabrics, and bespoke prints. Soft lighting and natural wood panels create an inviting atmosphere, while panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea enhance the overall experience.

Nobu Monte Carlo
@Nobu Monte Carlo


Nobu Monte Carlo Nobu Monte Carlo

New Head Chef

One of the most exciting changes is the introduction of the new Head Chef, Olivier Rinaldi. Chef Rinaldi brings with him a wealth of experience and a passion for culinary innovation. His expertise in blending flavours and techniques from Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s iconic dishes promises to elevate Nobu Monte Carlo’s already esteemed culinary offerings. With his creative vision, Chef Rinaldi is set to delight even the most discerning diners.

Since its inception, Nobu Monte Carlo has been celebrated for its exquisite fusion of Japanese culinary traditions and Peruvian influences. Designed by the legendary Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the restaurant’s menu is known for its bold flavours, artistic presentations, and meticulous attention to detail. Each dish is crafted to provide a sensory journey, making dining at Nobu more than just a meal—it’s an experience.

Nobu Monte Carlo

Nobu Monte Carlo Nobu Monte Carlo

Nobu Matsuhisa

At its origin Nobu was created within the genius vision of Nobu Matsuhisa. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa began his career in Japan, before moving on to Peru, where he took his inspiration from the culinary culture and ingredients of the region. His first restaurant, which opened in 1987, offered imaginative dishes that saw him chosen as one of America’s 10 Best New Chefs in 1989 by Food & Wine magazine.

HelloMonaco went to Nobu with high expectations at their opening expectations that were more than fulfilled. 

HelloMonaco had the pleasure of experiencing the long-awaited reopening of Nobu at Fairmont Monte Carlo. The elegant interior received a tasteful retouch, setting the stage for an exceptional dining experience. From the moment you step inside, you’re treated like royalty by the incredibly friendly and attentive Nobu team, ensuring you feel right at home throughout the meal. Under the talented guidance of the new Nobu Fairmont Chef, Olivier Ronaldi, the food exceeds all expectations and shines through in every bite, making each dish a true gastronomic delight.

While there are a few new additions to the menu, it still maintains the classic Nobu flair. The Chilean Sea Bass, expertly prepared by Chef Damien Duviau from Nobu Dubai, was a perfect mix of simplicity and elegance, with that special Japanese touch. And the dessert, featuring a parade of fresh fruits, feels like a taste of summer. For any true food lover, a visit to Nobu at Fairmont Monte Carlo is an absolute must.

Whether you are a longtime fan or a first-time visitor, HelloMonaco will attest that new Nobu Monte Carlo promises to captivate your senses and elevate your culinary expectations.

Nobu Monte Carlo Nobu Monte Carlo

Nobu Monte Carlo


You may be met with the Japanese phrase ‘Irasshaimase’ which means ‘Welcome to my shop/restaurant’ and is one of the many formal Japanese ways of politely welcoming new customers.

No response is necessary a polite nod of acknowledgement says it all! 

Nobu Monte Carlo Nobu Monte Carlo

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