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Now a Helpline: Established to support pupils at risk from Bullying

In an effort to combat bullying in schools and to make it easier for people to speak out, the Prince’s Government is launching a telephone hotline to report bullying.

The number is 98 98 96 96. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The scheme was made possible thanks to a successful partnership between the Department of Education, Youth and Sport and the Victims of Offences Help Association.

The number is for everyone: children and teenagers who are victims of bullying and all forms of violence at school (physical violence, intimidation, mockery, insults, threats, cyberbullying, etc.), those who witness such situations, and parents and school staff.

Professionals from the Department of Education, Youth and Sport and the Victims of Offences Help Association will assist callers to ensure that all measures are taken to support the victim and resolve the situation in question.

The launch of this helpline, 98 98 96 96, complements the many existing tools designed to deal with and put an end to bullying at school, in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 1.513 of 3 December 2021 on Combating Bullying and Violence at School.

The Prince’s Government has reaffirmed that combating bullying in schools is a top priority and a matter that concerns us all.

How is a report of a bullying situation handled?

Initially, the victimized student is interviewed to gather their testimony. Subsequently, the school conducts interviews with the alleged perpetrators and witnesses to obtain clear facts and assess any contradictory view of the situation. Generally, this phase is followed by a dialogue among the involved parties for mutual awareness and a long-term resolution of the situation.

Punishment or sanctions are applied when necessary, in the interest of both the victim and the student responsible for the actions, aiming to comprehend the gravity of the act and learn to adopt responsible and respectful behaviour. Close collaboration takes place with families, keeping them informed and involved in resolving the situation.

What does the law provide when there is bullying in the school environment?

The Principality of Monaco has specific legislation to combat bullying and violence in the school environment (Law No. 1.513 of December 3, 2021), which is implemented in educational institutions.

This law asserts the student’s right to a safe school environment. It mandates awareness sessions for students and training for all staff to prevent and address instances of bullying and violence. The law also establishes a “harassment-violence” contact person in each educational institution, appointed by the head of the institution. Serving as a primary point of contact for victimized students or witnesses of violence, this person advises the head of the institution in choosing measures to stop the situation and ensures the implementation of support and supervision measures for victims, perpetrators, and witnesses of violence.

Each educational institution has developed a plan for preventing and combating bullying and violence in the school environment.

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