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Oceanographic Institute asks Public for Donations amidst Crisis

The Oceanographic Institute is asking the public for support and donations to cope with financial difficulties brought on by the pandemic. The current COVID-19 crisis has severely affected the emblematic institute’s revenues, 70% of which depend on visitors to the Museum.

“More than ever, we need your donations to get through this crisis, to face it and prepare for the future with you, with a strengthened determination and enthusiasm,” the Oceanographic Institute wrote on their website. 

The Oceanographic Institute was created in 1906 thanks to Prince Albert I, a humanist and visionary prince who wanted to create a place that helps the public better understand the ocean.  For over 100 years, the Institute has cultivated wonder in regard to marine life.

Oceanographic Institute seeks Donations

“Thanks to you, we will have the means to continue our centenary mission.  Together, we can overcome this ordeal,” the Oceanographic Institute stated on their website.

The Oceanographic Institute works to create a link between decision-makers, scientists, economic actors and associations in order to promote and protect the ocean.  100% of the donations will be used by the Institute to develop programs with the help of their flagship, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

To help the Oceanographic Institute by making a much-needed donation, visit:

Oceanographic Institute seeks Donations

Oceanographic Museum will open its doors on 2 June

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco will be welcoming the public from 2 June 2020.  The opening hours remain unchanged: the Museum will be open every day of the week.

“For your safety and that of the Museum teams, we have adapted our visit conditions to facilitate your journey from the purchase of your tickets to the exit of the Museum,” the Museum stated on their website.

Early bookings: -10%!

Visitors can take advantage of a 10% reduction off the entry ticket price (available only at the Museum’s official online ticket office: for a purchase made online at least 7 days before your visit date.

In the current uncertain climate, brought on by the ongoing pandemic, many feel the importance of the Oceanographic Institue’s mission: to come together and take charge of the future of our environment and our oceans. 

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