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Oceanographic Museum: Sea Turtle Day and “Turtle Odyssey” Grand Festival

Definitely, in the Top 5 of the Hit Parade of our most lovable sea creatures is the sea turtle. And our endangered friend needs Monaco’s help. So this Saturday April 27th he becomes absolutely Top of the Hit Parade because the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco is rushing to his side and inviting you all to a grand Festival to celebrate the turtle with them at the Museum.

It is a great opportunity for us all to gather and unite as a community around the ocean, in a friendly, festive and engaging atmosphere.

There is even a unique association “friends of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco” which will be specially represented this Saturday – mark it “sea turtle day” in your diary.

Oceanographic Museum: Sea Turtle Day and “Turtle Odyssey” Grand Festival

We did say Top of the Hit Parade because there will also be a:


From 14:00 to 14:20, on the terrace of the Oceanographic Museum, Madison, Carla and Talisa, three new talented newcomers “discovered” by the show The Voice Kids, are putting on an enchanting concert.

Of course the highlight of this whole day of entertaining activities around the preservation of the ocean is a new area dedicated to marine turtles.


The Oceanographic Institute is taking advantage of this festive day to reveal to you its new space, The Odyssey of Sea Turtles all 550m² of it in the west wing, where you will embark on a fabulous journey.

And this journey will also sensitize us to the fragility of these species in the seas and oceans, threatened by humans, and the crucial necessity to unite for their protection.

Oceanographic Museum: Sea Turtle Day and “Turtle Odyssey” Grand Festival

There is next to it an additional Monegasque marine health center, this additional one unfortunately is inaccessible to the public. There are several basins that pamper marine animals recovered in a distressed state after having ingested plastic or after having been harmed by boats.

And did you know that each year hundreds of kg of food are distributed to over 5000 residents in the rehabilitation pond which itself houses some happy turtles.


This Saturday, you can attend this rare and privileged moment for free. Luckily the sharks do not know the difference between Michelin Star cuisine and the good nourishing ingredients they are fed, so the chef doesn’t have to worry!

This is not a live rehearsal for the film Jaws, don’t worry it really is very safe. And outside of this Saturday you would normally have to buy a seat for extra euros to feed these majestic residents of the Oceanographic Museum.

Oceanographic Museum: Sea Turtle Day and “Turtle Odyssey” Grand Festival


From 10 am to 7 pm, free entertainment [included in the price of the entrance ticket: 14 euros for adults and 7 euros or 10 euros for children depending on age) takes place on the theme of ocean preservation.

There will be a choices within the program including : artistic performances, ecological DIY, board games, painting lessons with Anthony Alberti (Mr. OneTeas), and educational materials (inform and entertain is one of Monaco’s mottos including an in-depth journey on the consequences of noise pollution in the oceans proposed by Michel André, Secretary General of the Institute.) On the terrace, there will be as well a DJ. And cool – it will be possible to concoct your very own smoothie by pedaling on a bike!


Don’t miss out on the corner of promises. You can if you wish be filmed in front of an interactive screen making promises on your future actions to preserve the oceans.

Oceanographic Museum: Sea Turtle Day and “Turtle Odyssey” Grand Festival


True to the motto of inform and entertain experts are on hand to talk to children and adults, and they will be able to ask questions on a whole range of topics including: the cleaning of our ocean, the Rana tortoise, the ocean forests and of course on plastic. Also specially featured is the boat of Pierre Frolla the Pirate of the Abyss.

Rarely open at night except for exclusive private functions the Festival this Saturday continues at 19:30 in the Museum – that is if you wish to open you piggy bank and empty it to the tune of 140 euros.


And for the 140 euros you embark on a surprising vegan gastronomic dinner, concocted by the chef Willy Berton of Vegan Gorilla, to the sounds of the Beatles Band “The Lad’s”. And before a DJ hits the dancefloor. And meet the Aboriginal artist of Badu Island (Australia), Alick Tipoti, sensitive to the protection of marine biodiversity.

To book “Island Chic and Cool”, go to the Facebook “Association of Friends of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco”.

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