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Operation Pasteur: Demolition and Construction Works in Monaco

Operation Pasteur: Construction works on Avenue de Fontvieille and Connecting the district to Wastewater and Rainwater Systems.

As part of Operation Pasteur, demolitions of the pergola along Charles III Boulevard and the former municipal workshops along the Avenue de Fontvieille began on Monday, the 16th of January, 2017.

To achieve these demolitions under optimum safety conditions, scaffolding will be installed on the Avenue de Fontvieille. The uplink will also be closed until mid-March 2017. The downhill axis of the avenue will be maintained throughout the duration of the site.

As a result of this project, construction work will begin to connect the Pasteur operation to wastewater and rainwater networks in the Fontvieille district. This will begin at the Papalins roundabout and go up Albert II Avenue and the Avenue de Fontvieille.

“The restructuring of wastewater systems is now necessary in this district, with the completion of Operation Pasteur and that of Charles III tomorrow,” underlines Olivier Lavagna, Director of Public Works. He adds: “Over the decades, the urbanization of the Principality, whether it concerns public housing, residential buildings or flooring for economic activities, requires adapting all the urban networks to “increase resident, salaried or visitor populations”.

Operation Pasteur

This work includes installing a pipeline to collect rainwater coming upstream from the Pasteur, Charles III and Canton islets. These waters rejoin the port of Fontvieille and are then discarded at sea.

“Over the years, significant and even critical storms have seen thousands of liters of rainwater come in from the basins around the Principality. We have experienced flood events which show the importance of having a network calibrated to respond to these changing weather conditions,” said Jean-Luc Puyo, Director of Urban Development.

The State Services in charge of this project have implemented a fine to limit the impact on road and pedestrian traffic in this neighborhood, especially on sports evenings.

A report will follow on Monaco Info.

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