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“Pass Sport” Has Record Attendance for this Summer’s Sports and Cultural Fun For Youngsters in Monaco

Do young people spend all their time glued to their digital devices playing video games and playing one-up-man-ship on social media? What do you think? Fortunately in Monaco there is another trend that is providing healthy competition in this new digital world and is opening up avenues for a broader cultural experience.

It is “Pass Sport” and if enrolment figures are any guide it is growing in popularity. This August three hundred and ten youngsters have signed up, including over sixty 11 and 12 year olds for the first time. The enrolment has more than doubled and is close to three times higher than in the initial year. If you are Monegasque or have a place in a Monaco school and are aged between 11 and 25, then Pass Sport is targeted at you with an impressive array of sport and cultural activities. The most popular age to participate is at age thirteen and fourteen.

Summer’s Sports and Cultural Fun For Youngsters in Monaco

The whole idea is let youngsters inexpensively try out a new sport or cultural pastime during Summer – just 50 euros for a month for each youngster or 75 euros for two kids. Once you have tried out one activity in Pass Sport you get to choose another as you continue. The whole point is to give you a totally new experience each time and start you down a new cultural path in life.

Summer’s Sports and Cultural Fun For Youngsters in Monaco

Just to give an idea of how broad a range of activities are available; included are:
Sports such as table tennis and squash and a “free run “ obstacle course (run, jump, climb; do whatever it takes to complete the demanding course); martial arts such as Ju-jitsu and Sorinji Kempo; also take to the skies and hand-glide. Then you can also learn First Aid or learn to act with the guidance of the National Theatre Centre. Popular cultural activities also include a course in Sculpture and Paper Art. And if you imagine yourself as a budding archaeologist, the Anthropological Museum’s course is the choice for you. And an absolute highlight is a week-long course in snorkelling with Pierre Frolla the Monegasque free diver who is a triple World’s Recordman in Free Immersion.

Summer’s Sports and Cultural Fun For Youngsters in Monaco

There are more than enough activities. You are spoiled for choice. The Department of Education works tirelessly with all the Monegasque Clubs and Associations seeking an array of the best courses for Passport Culture.

There is a French/Monegasque ambiance with an international twist of over 80 other nationalities – just what one has come to expect in Monaco.

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