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Plage Mala Sets an Exceptional Example in Protecting its Beach & Marine Environment

Did you know that Plage Mala takes regular action to be one of the cleanest beach environments in the Mediterranean. 

This is against the background of the Mediterranean itself generally being a great challenge for environmentalists. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) or Global Fund for Nature is an international non-governmental organization created in 1961 which is dedicated to the protection of the environment and sustainable development. They issued a report in 2018 indicating the Mediterranean is one of the most polluted seas on the globe with over half a million tons of plastic discharged each year.

In light of that it is exceptional that Plage Mala is in excellent shape comparatively. It is not by accident. As an example, recently fifty volunteers involved for the planet – women, men and children – came to take part in a major operation to clean up the beach and the seabed of this natural dream-like setting near the Principality.

Of the nearly reportedly 500kg of various rubbish, very little is deposited from local people, visitors or local boaters. Florent Prigent, is the seaside manager at Cap-d’Ail town hall and coordinator of such operations. The fact that the town hall regularly intervenes to keep the beach and its marine surroundings clean has led to the progress noted. 

Cap d’Ail also has a municipal councilor in charge of the Environment, Virginie Guasco. The work of the clean-up crews is helped by Mala being a respected site for several years. Awareness is key so rubbish is not dropped along the coast in the first place. People are more and more aware of the beauty of the place and want to keep it that way. And the theme of the environment is in front of everyone more and more nowadays. It’s starting to have an impact. 

Awareness campaigns continue in full force distributing information, continuing with action in schools with the youngest including creating charters of good conduct.

Marine Currents

If people around Mala are respecting the environment work still has to be done by the clean up crews to take care of detritus carried there by different climatic events and the Ligurian current. 

These are mainly large pieces, such as those carried to Mala by different climatic events and the Ligurian current…even iron barriers and grilles, believe it or not. The sea currents are very powerful. 

The local teams succeed in doing the clean-up no matter what the currents bring. 

Coastal communities all around Monaco will be well aware of the success of impact of the environmental efforts at Mala. Imitation is the best form of flattery and good for the whole coastal environment around the Principality.

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