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Preparing for One of the Greatest Races On Earth – Monte-Carlo F1 Grand Prix

Preparations for grand events – whether Grand Prix racing, Tennis Masters, other sports or culture; it’s part of the fascinating Monaco dynamic. Right now it’s all about making the Grand Prix circuit perfect in time for the race. Where else in the world is such a major part of a country’s road network resurfaced every year. At the same time, it is also captivating to watch the preparations for the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters Tennis tournament. Almost a mini-city, including stadiums and marquees out of Arabian Nights are appearing now on Monaco’s eastern frontier at Monte Carlo Country Club. But look to the West and the Historic Grand Prix and the Formula 1 Grand Prix are the focus of preparations.

It is just a few weeks to go. The racing drivers for the Historic Grand Prix and the Formula 1 Grand Prix will soon be under starters orders. So Monaco’s Department of Urban Amenities is ramping up to carry out the road resurfacing. Good for everyone in Monaco who drives – certainly better than having to negotiate pot-holes the way drivers in many other countries have to. In contrast, Monaco ends up with first class well-maintained road network.

The surface used on the F1 circuit is specifically formulated for Formula 1 cars to drive on, with enhanced performance, particularly in terms of wear and resistance. Driving around Monaco ourselves as if we are Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel is definitely not recommended – but the roads are great to drive on for everybody at regular safe speeds too.

This year, the sections being resurfaced are: the Portier roundabout and Boulevard Louis II; Boulevard Albert I; Route de la Piscine/northern dock and Quai des Etats-Unis.

The resurfacing work comprises two phases:

– shaving off the top 5 cm layer of the track;

– Resurfacing with a layer of special asphalt;

To reduce the impact on Monaco’s regular traffic, much of the work will go on at night.

Here is the schedule, so you can plan around it:

Boulevard Albert I

Overnight from Wednesday 28 to Thursday 29 March (8 pm to 6 am)

“No Parking” from 8 pm on these two nights. Boulevard Albert I will be closed to all traffic and bus routes using the Boulevard will be diverted.

Route de la Piscine, northern dock:

Phase 1: overnight from Monday 9 to Tuesday 10 April (8 pm to 6 am)

Phase 2: overnight from Wednesday 11 to Thursday 12 April (8 pm to 6 am)

On these two nights, the road will be closed and again definitely “No Parking”.

Quai des Etats-Unis

Phase 1: from Monday 9 to Tuesday 10 April (8 pm to 6 am)

Phase 2: from Tuesday 10 to Wednesday 11 April (8 pm to 6 am). This work will be carried out within the Quai des Etats-Unis construction site and will not affect nearby traffic.

For more information, contact:

So we await with great excitement these wonderful Monaco and Monte-Carlo events, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters Tennis, the historic racing cars in the Historic Grand Prix and the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix – all part of the unique experience of living in Monaco.

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