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President Macron Unveils Dates & How France Regains Normal Life

Everyone in France, weary of the Covid 19 triggered restrictions, is eager to see progress toward normal life and President Macron of France, knowing that, has just outlined how that will progressively happen in 2021. 

Four Stages

Envisaged is a four step process toward normality. The biggest leap for most will happen on May 19th when shops generally will reopen and there will be a rebirth of cultural life and terraces of bars and restaurants will also reopen. What a relief for the masses awaiting the news. The essence of what it is to be French reignites and bleakness recedes. 

Here is the Calendar of the four stages announced by President Macron with some partial lifting of restrictions as early as May 3rd. 

Stage 1: May 3rd – Attestations Disappear and Classes Reopen 

Not only attestations disappear but travel between regions will once again be authorized throughout France. Eliminated are the limits of 10 kilometres and 30 kilometres during the day.

High Schools will reopen at “half gauge”. Reopening of colleges at “half-gauge” (for the 4th and 3rd ) for the 15 departments still on alert.

The curfew set at 7 p.m. still remains in force.

Stage 2: May 19th – Rediscovering the French Art of Living and Conviviality 

This second phase consists of the reopening of the currently closed shops, museums, cinemas and theatres as well as the terraces of bars and restaurants. Tables will be restricted to seating six people.

Outdoor and indoor sports facilities will reopen for spectators with gauges for social distancing. Gatherings of more than 10 people will still be prohibited. Curfew is to be eased and aligned with that currently in force in Monaco starting two hours later at 9 pm.

Stage 3: June 9th Interiors of Cafes and Restaurants Open Up

The interiors of cafes and restaurants will be able to reopen, as well as the sports halls. 

In addition there will be: 

– Easing of teleworking

– Possibility with the aid of health passes of accommodating up to 5,000 people in places of sports and culture 

– Reopening of trade shows and exhibition fairs, up to 5,000 people and with health passes

– Reception of foreign tourists with health passes

The curfew will move another two hours later and begin at 11 p.m.

Stage 4: June 30th Curfew Ends 

On June 30, the curfew will end. The government envisages the possibility of access to “any event” bringing together more than 1,000 people thanks to potential health passes. However, the discos will still remain closed. Maintenance of barrier gestures and social distancing will be obligatory.

News on Vaccinations

From May 1st vaccination will be extended to all people over 18 “who are seriously overweight” or a body mass index greater than 30. 

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