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Prince Albert II Announces Didier Guillaume as Successor to Pierre Dartout

Mr. Didier GUILLAUME will succeed H.E. Mr. Pierre DARTOUT as Minister of State on September 2, 2024, after Mr. DARTOUT has held the position for four years. Former Minister of Agriculture and Food, Didier GUILLAUME has also held various public offices, including Senator of Drôme, First Vice President of the Senate, and President of the General Council of this department.

Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture and Food under Macron’s presidency from 2018 to 2020, is a former senior member of the Socialist Party, where he served as group president in the Senate from 2014 to 2018.

His accomplishments as Senator of Drôme from 2008 to 2020, and as mayor of Bourg-de-Péage for nine years, and having been close to François Hollande have been well covered by the press.

Didier Guillaume’s political career was long anchored in the Socialist Party until he moved closer to the presidential majority and joined the government during Emmanuel Macron’s first term.

Didier Guillaume had announced his retirement from politics in January 2018 before returning to serve in Agriculture at President Macron’s request.

In an announcement from the Palace, H.S.H. the Prince expresses his sincere gratitude to Mr. Pierre DARTOUT for his exemplary service and great loyalty. During his term in Monaco, Mr. DARTOUT enabled the Principality to navigate the health crisis while supporting long-term objectives of sustainable development, digital transition, attractiveness, and administrative modernization. His Serene Highness will soon pay tribute to the qualities with which he fulfilled his mission. He extends his warm wishes for real personal fulfillment to him.

The Position of Minister of State

Prince Albert II is assisted by the Minister of State, whom he is in charge of choosing. Until 1 December 2005, the Minister of State had to be a French citizen, chosen from among several senior civil servants proposed by the French government. A treaty of friendship and cooperation signed between Monaco and France repealed the obligation. However, until today, no Monegasque has yet been appointed Minister of State by the Prince.

The Minister of State is assisted by five Ministers appointed by the Prince. Having been appointed by the Prince, he represents the Prince and is the highest authority after the Prince. He is charged with the administration of the Country and, for this purpose, draws upon the State’s executive services including its Military Force.

The five Ministers who assist him head the specialized ministries of the Administration. They submit administrative matters prepared by their ministries to the Minister of State at meetings of the Council of Government. The Ministries are:

• Ministry of Interior
• Ministry of Finance and Economy
• Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
• Ministry of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

The Ministries are subdivided into Departments and Offices.

Congratulations to Mr. Didier GUILLAUME on his appointment as new Minister of State in the Principality.

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