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Prince Albert II Foundation on the programme for 2017

Vice President of the Prince Albert II Foundation Bernard Fautrier discussed the programme for the Foundation coming up in 2017 with an emphasis on oceans. This will be a busy year, with strong international involvement regarding the marine world. Among others, an Oceans Week will be established, with a number of events being organized with links to climate change issues.

According to Fautrier, the Prince is “focussing on global environmental problems, particularly problems related to climate change and the loss of biodiversity. These are the two major themes for action within the Foundation. As it is the first year of the second decade of the Foundation, we will be pursuing the actions initiated last year, with a particular focus on oceans”.

He went on to explain that, “In April, we will start an initiative with the Oceanographic Museum, to launch an ‘Oceans Week’”.

The year will continue to be important for oceans, as there will be several large international conferences on this topic, such as one taking place at the UN in June and another in October in Malta.

Although there will be a strong focus on seas and oceans, the Foundation has confirmed that they will not be neglecting other “important themes, such as deforestation”.

Fautrier added, “The foundation will be pursuing actions on these wider themes, transmitting these messages from Monaco, naturally, but also via our international partners.” For example, a few weeks ago an event was held with their branch in Germany.

The Annual Awards event will take place in Quebec, Canada this year,“so that the Canadian branch of the Foundation can showcase certain actions, as was done in December last year when the Prince was in Quebec”.

The programme for the Prince Albert II Foundation for 2017 will certainly make it an interesting year for all those passionate about preserving our seas and oceans, both in Monaco and abroad.


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