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Prince Albert II talks about Princess Charlene’s health and her treatment outside Monaco

In an interview with People Magazine, the Prince of Monaco revealed that his wife Princess Charlene is undergoing full medical treatment “outside of Monaco” due to physical and emotional exhaustion. With the state of Princess Charlene’s health being the subject of much speculation in the press lately, the Prince decided to speak out again on the subject, confiding in journalist Peter Mikelbank of People Magazine.

About treatment outside of Monaco and the causes of the illness

The Prince said that after the Princess arrived in Monaco from South Africa on 8th November, after her 6-month absence from the Principality due to health problems, everything was fine, “and then it became pretty evident she was unwell”.

Albert II explained that Princess Charlene had opted for a medical facility for treatment and this decision was agreed with her husband and brothers, “she realized herself that she needed help”, the Prince added.

“She already knew the best thing to do was to go and have a rest and have a real medically framed treatment. And not in Monaco. For privacy reasons, it would have to be someplace outside of Monaco. She was very calm and very understanding. She realized herself that she needed help. (…) We wanted to tell her that we love her so much, and that we were there for her, and that the most important aspect for her is her health. That she shouldn’t worry about anything else,” explained Prince Albert II, answering questions from a journalist during an interview.

When asked what was behind the Princess’ deteriorating health, the Prince of Monaco chose to respect confidentiality but wanting to dispel some rumours highlighted: “This is not Covid. And it’s not cancer-related. It’s not a personal relationship issue. And if you want to discuss another speculation, it isn’t related to plastic surgery or facial work at all”.

The Princess had been forced to stay in South Africa since early May due to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) infection, which led to the need for a series of corrective surgeries during her six-month absence. Due to her condition, the Princess of Monaco was not allowed to travel by plane for a long time. The last of the operations she had to undergo took place on October 8th. Albert II and her children visited her twice during her recovery in South Africa. She was finally able to return to Monaco on  November 8th.

 How long will the treatment last

The Prince added that he and their children will go to visit Charlene, but he cannot yet say exactly how long her treatment will last. The fact is that it takes at least several weeks to fully recover and gain strength after a period of exhaustion and fatigue, he noted.

As for the twins, the Prince said that they were very understanding as it has been explained to them that their mother is not feeling well and she needs a rest and that they will certainly visit her soon. Albert II said that the children love her very much and miss her.

He said that he was also very sad about the health of the Princess and about her absence. He, as the Prince of Monaco, has got a very busy period of time ahead of him with a lot to do but when he got a chance he would visit the Princess with his children.

He ended by asking the public to be understanding, respectful and kind to the Princess and his family. He also asked them not to be disturbed by the news about the Princess and he assured them that he would inform them about the state of her health and recuperation process.

We wish Princess Charlene of Monaco a speedy recovery so that she can return to Monaco and spend her time surrounded by her family and friends again and be with her people, the people of the Principality, again!

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