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Princely Digest: The Historical Monte Carlo Rally and World Cancer Day

Prince Albert II attends the twentieth Historical Monte Carlo Rally and discusses the ties between the Principality and motor sports.

Nearly a thousand people attended the traditional gala and award ceremony for the 20th Edition of the Historical Monte-Carlo Rally on Wednesday, the 1st of February 2017. The Automobile Club of Monaco invited guests to attend a dinner and a screening of their official film at the Salle des Etoiles Monte-Carlo. Michel Decremer and Yannick Albert won the Historical Monte-Carlo Rally this year, and received the Prince’s Cup at the gala. At the end of the awards ceremony, all the rewarded crews went on stage to receive their trophies. The 20th Monte Carlo Historic Rally ended the night before, on Tuesday night, in front of many cameras.

Before the beginning of the final stage of the rally, Prince Albert shared a few moments with the competitors and the public, before granting three interviews on the Port Hercule, where the rally cars were parked. He was interviewed by Rory Reid, from the famous show Top Gear, which is interested in Monaco. Prince Albert II also gave an interview to Gregory Galiffi (C8). A special program about cars in Monaco will be broadcast on the 25th of February at 11 am.

Prince Albert II
Prince Albert II at the 20th Historical Monte Carlo Rally. Photo source:

HSH Prince Albert II said, “Everyone knows that the love story between motor sports and the Principality has existed for a very long time. The Monte-Carlo Rally is even older than the Grand-Prix. I believe it is a celebration of car sports in general…the mythical routes and the nostalgic cars still draw large crowds and reminds us of beautiful times in the world of sports.”

HSH Prince Albert II Highlights the Role of the IAEA for World Cancer Day

Prince Albert II IAEA Speech
Prince Albert II gave a speech in support of IAEA. Photo source:

On the 2nd of February,2017, Prince Albert II gave a speech in support of IAEA, an organization helping reduce the global cancer burden and integrate cancer control into the world health and development agenda. Prince Albert II and the Principality of Monaco continue to support IAEA’s work in fighting cancer in developing countries.

IAEA World Cancer Day
Photo source:

In his speech, Prince Albert II underlined that: “The frame of development which we adopted in 2015, recognizes that, among non-transmissible diseases, cancer is the leading cause of death in the world. Cancer statistics are rising in developing countries…Nuclear technology, specifically radiotherapy has an immense role in the treatment of cancer. Thanks to assistance from IAEA, many more countries have access to higher quality treatments, including radiotherapy. The principality is engaged in this program, to help with prevention, surveillance, detection, treatment, and palliative care for cancer patients.”

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