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Princess Charlene forced to stay in South Africa until the end of October

Princess Charlene was recently interviewed by the South African press to shed light on her current circumstances, including her healing journey from a severe sinus infection and why she will be grounded in South Africa until the end of October. South African broadcaster Mandy Wiener spoke to Princess Charlene at length for Radio 702.

“Initially I was only supposed to be here for 10-12 days and unfortunately I had a problem equalizing my ears. I found out, through a doctor, that I had a sinus infection and quite a serious one,” the Princess said during the interview, “I cannot force healing, so I will be grounded in South Africa until the end of October.”

In May, before her trip to South Africa for wildlife rescue missions, Princess Charlene underwent a sinus lift and bone graft for dental implants. Following the operation, while fighting poaching and raising awareness about rhino mutilation in South Africa, the serious infection prevented her from traveling back to the Principality for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Princess Charlene spoke to the journalist directly from the bush in KwaZulu-Natal province.

“It’s the longest period I’ve actually been away from Europe, let alone my children,” Princess Charlene said during the interview, “I FaceTime with them most days, they’ve been here, they’ve come to Natal and they’ll be returning to see me again after my procedure.”

“I’m very sad that I can’t be with my children during the summer in Europe.” – Princess Charlene

The Princess of Monaco is not allowed to fly above 3000 metres, because the sinus area would not withstand air pressure changes caused by air travel. Despite her health issues and the fact that she is grounded in South Africa, the Princess seemed to be in high spirits and is remaining optimistic about her situation.

“I feel well and I feel good, It’s just a waiting game for me. But I’ve had a great opportunity to understand a little bit more about South Africa, the environment, the needs and it’s been wonderful being back in South Africa,” Princess Charlene said during the interview.

The Princess touched upon the important work her Foundation is doing in conjunction with Prince Albert’s Foundation to help bring back the rhinoceros from the brink of extinction.

“A species that has walked this planet for millions of years, the Rhinoceros, is on the verge of extinction,” Princess Charlene said during the interview, “I would love for my grandchildren to see a rhino someday, but I feel that if we do not unite and do something now, globally, we’re not going to have this chance.”

Princess Charlene concluded the interview by saying how much she misses her 6-year-old twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, “Terribly frustrating, I can’t wait to get back to them, I can’t wait to see my children.”

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