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Princess Charlene launches a French “Charity Mile” in Cagnes

The famous racetrack the hippodrome of the Côte d’Azur is taking an innovative step with the Palace of Monaco by launching a Charity Mile horse race to benefit animal protection organisations, on 25 February.

Having started on 5 December at the Grand Galop, the winter event of the Côte d’Azur racetrack already looks promising: next 25 February, the same day as the first stage of the Défi du Galop, with Princess Charlene of Monaco they will launch the very first “charity mile”of French horse racing. As with the Vaal racetrack in South Africa, each horse will run for a particular charity, and donations will be paid according to when each one crosses the finish line. The total amount given could be in the vicinity of 300,000 dollars and it will go toward charitable works for the defence of animals. “We were contacted by the Princely Palace. The father of Princess Charlene is a horse owner, and the charity mile already exists in South Africa,” explained François Forcioli-Conti, president of the Riviera Racing Company. Princess Charlene and her foundation were among the main sponsors of a horse charity mile that took place in late October in South Africa. A former South African swimmer herself, a few years ago the Princess also took part in several charity swimming miles there. This Cagnes charity race on 25 February will be called the “Prix de la Princesse de Monaco-Charity Mile” (the Princess of Monaco Prize-Charity Mile).

“After parties” and “dance halls”

“This will be a media event featuring many prominent figures. I spoke with Edouard de Rothschild, president of France Galop, who will help give the event all the support it deserves,” said François Forcioli-Conti. For horse racing fans, through 17 Marchthis winter event will offer some sixty competitions, mainly trot, but also flat and jump. It has already begun, on 5 December with eight jump races. But there will be only a handful of nocturnes, or night racing fixtures, (by national decree). So the racetrack will try “after parties” and “dance hall” events after the semi-nocturnes.

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Hippodrome of the Côte d’Azur on the seafront in Cagnes.

Boxing Day, 3D headsets and Christmas

Another novelty this winter at the racetrack will be the first “Boxing Day” on 28 December, which will see French and Italian amateur boxers face each other for seven rounds in the Grand Hall. Entry will be free from 4pm. And for Christmas, the day of the jump competitions, the entrance will also be free of charge. For this winter event, the racetrack announced that it will be putting more emphasis on including children in the festivities. On 8 January, 11 February, 25 February and 12 March, it will also be possible to experience trotting races through the eyes of the rider thanks to 3D headsets, as part of PMU animations.

So, whether it’s families, horse racing aficionados, philanthropists, or curious spectators, there will be much to see in the coming winter months at the Charity Mile and other racetrack events.

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