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Principality organises monkeypox vaccination campaign

In light of the recommendations issued by international organisations, the Principality of Monaco has secured a buffer stock of the JYNNEOS® (Bavarian Nordic) vaccine, enabling the country to treat its resident population.

Vaccination is now open:

  • to adults who are at risk due to contact with someone who is infected;
  • on a preventive, voluntary basis to adults in the most at-risk groups, since more than 90% of cases of the disease fall into the category of notifiable sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

To date, three cases (including one resident) of monkeypox have been identified in the Principality, with all receiving appropriate treatment and recovering without any complications being reported.

Monkeypox is a viral infection caused by the virus of the same name, which is similar to the smallpox virus. The initial symptoms are fever, muscle pain, fatigue, possible swelling of the glands and then a widespread rash. It is diagnosed using a biological (PCR) test. In most cases, monkeypox patients recover in two to four weeks. Those who have the disease are contagious once skin lesions start to appear. If there are no symptoms, there is no risk of transmission.

Concerned residents who wish to take up the offer of a preventive vaccination are invited to contact the Monaco Screening Centre at Princess Grace Hospital on +377. to arrange an appointment.


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