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Principality’s digital transformation: review and prospects

In three years, the Principality has built first-class digital infrastructure to enhance quality of life and increase the attractiveness of its economy. The goal is to make Monaco a leading city state in the digital world.

On 25 October, H.S.H. Prince Albert II shared a review of the Principality’s digital transformation and outlined the future prospects of the Extended Monaco programme over the next few years, in a new world where the use of digital technology has increased considerably in response to the health crisis. The presentation, held at the Théâtre Princesse Grace, was attended by His Excellency Mr Pierre Dartout, Minister of State, Mr Stéphane Valeri, President of the National Council, government ministers, Mr Frédéric Genta, the Country Chief Digital Officer, and a number of other representatives from Monaco’s political and economic life.

In under three years, we have seen spectacular progress in terms of the contribution of digital technology to the daily lives of Monegasque nationals, residents and commuters,” said the Sovereign, stressing that “our economy has made the shift to digital. The enthusiasm shown by our companies for our support and recovery measures is proof of the expectations that businesses in the Principality have in this area.”

The Country Chief Digital Officer then discussed the crucial role played by digital technology in making the country attractive and ensuring that businesses can be competitive beyond Monaco’s borders.

Thanks to its cutting-edge digital infrastructure, the dynamic transformation of its economy, a legislative framework that offers protection from some intrusive global practices and its investor ecosystem, the Principality has some unique advantages to help it attract the residents and businesses of tomorrow, not to mention today,” said Frédéric Genta.

In pursuit of digital excellence and an enhanced international profile, in recent years the Principality of Monaco has laid the foundations that will guarantee its economic influence far beyond its borders: 5G, 10 GB fibre, digital identity and the sovereign cloud – the first of its kind in Europe. Sovereignty, performance, security and proximity are the elements underpinning this ambitious plan that is now taking shape, guaranteeing access to the best technology for the public and private sectors.

Another aspect of the programme which has been put in place is the Blue Fund. Launched in late 2020 as part of the Principality’s economic recovery plan, the Fund has offered assistance to more than 350 digital transformation projects, which in nine out of ten cases have been supported by local digital services companies. The impact on the economy is real: Monegasque businesses that have benefitted from the Fund confirm that for every one euro of public money invested, they are generating eight euros in revenue. The initiative is also set to create 250 jobs in Monaco.

Finally, the Minister of State reiterated his wish that “digital technology will be approached as an opportunity, not a threat. We are stronger when we are building the future, not fearing it.” He added: “The Government has fully grasped this transformation. We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to make this transition a success for the Principality of Monaco.

Digital technology has enabled continuity of services to be maintained during the health crisis (the creation of the website, the introduction of remote learning, the shift to online services for businesses seeking support, the launch of teleconsultations, the implementation of the health pass, etc.), and has also helped to ensure that people remain at the heart of this revolution:
–             Redesign of teaching practices in the educational system
–             Increased focus on soft mobility to reduce daily traffic flows and cut the country’s carbon footprint
–             3D modelling of the Principality to evaluate urban developments or further reduce disruption caused by construction projects
–             Launch of the Monaco Santé portal as a central point for patient information and easy online appointment booking

The Minister of State concluded by announcing the forthcoming launch of the Digital Single Window, an access point for all of the Administration’s online services, which will also allow users to log in using their digital identity and track the progress of their applications and requests.

This Digital Single Window will be gradually developed over the coming months: it will naturally be enhanced with the addition of new online services, as well as a safe for storing electronic documents shared with the Administration. We will also be working on a new “tell us once” service for major life events.”

This new portal is the culmination of a huge project launched in 2019 to change the relationship between users and public services. The aim is to offer Monegasque nationals, residents and businesses the ability to carry out all administrative procedures from their own home or premises, on a 24/7 basis. Seventy procedures have been moved online, including applications for residence permits, secondary school enrolment, the submission of civil service job applications, Green Fund or Blue Fund support applications, and payments for school meals. The goal is to move all current services for inhabitants online by the end of 2022.

At the end of this successfully completed first step, the Prince’s Government intends to continue to pursue its digital investment strategy, maintain its collective efforts and search for excellence to achieve new successes, and constantly adapt the country’s economy and way of life to the world of today and tomorrow.


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