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Radiating Good Health Prince Albert Will Guide Monaco Through Unprecedented Times

After it was revealed that Prince Albert was positive for the coronavirus and following the Palace’s announcement that the Prince was cured, evidence of the Sovereign’s good health came in a video, also retransmitted on HelloMonaco’s Instagram, with a heartfelt Easter Greeting from Prince Albert reunited together with Princess Charlene, following his confinement. It certainly looked like a very Happy Easter week indeed from the delighted looks on the faces of Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella as they planted flowers at the Grimaldi country retreat at Roc-Agel – all broadcast on Princess Charlene’s own Instagram. 

There has been intense interest in the Sovereign’s experience with his short period of illness which revealed itself early in the week of March 16th and announced on March 19th. Statement from the Palace that Prince Albert’s doctors authorized him from Tuesday, March 31st to end his quarantine period and declaring him cured and in good health means that in less than three weeks our Sovereign’s illness was conquered. 

Reflecting back at the reported mild symptoms, a cough and feeling like one does at the beginning of a mild flu, but thankfully with no fever, what contributed to the rapid recovery? 

France 3 in an interview delved into this asking if Prince Albert had been treated with the much publicized drug chloroquine, the treatment advocated by Professor Didier Raoult. Apparently there was no resort to chloroquine according to the reports of the broadcast interview which revealed that the Prince is aware of this particular drug as well as other treatments that are being developed to vanquish the virus. Rather than being treated with one of these drugs under trial, the Prince was reported to have been taking more conventional medicines and vitamins just as anyone else having mild symptoms: paracetamol, Vitamin C with supplements including capsules of eucalyptus, plus antibiotics and taking his temperature and doing blood tests regularly. Add to that drinking a lot of liquids like hot tea.

The anti-malaria drug chloroquine is currently in clinical trials for its efficacy against Covid-19. It can be made available in limited cases at Princess Grace subject to hospital prescription and very close monitoring and guidance. 

Easter Greetings, and some time with his family to reinforce that good health is just what is needed for the upcoming weeks and months. 

Good health, strength, compassion and wisdom – as Monegasque head of state Prince Albert will be calling on all these qualities to steer Monaco, with the help of his Government, through the unprecedented economic impact of this crisis as well as maintaining a high quality of health care for the whole community. We all pray for success and continued good health. 

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