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Rapid tests for schoolchildren and no dancing on New Year’s Eve: what will change in Monaco in the coming days

Faced with the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, the Princely Government, after meeting with the National Council, has put a series of new measures in effect to limit the spread of the virus, while maintaining certain New Year’s celebrations.

New Year’s Celebrations

The Sovereign wishes to maintain end-of-year celebrations in order to preserve economic and social activity, however, certain measures will be in place during the festivities in order to limit the spread of the virus. There will be no celebrations at the Place du Casino or Port Hercule on New Year’s eve. All musical entertainment must cease at 1 am.

-No gatherings of more than 10 people on public roads.

-No alcohol consumption on public roads.

-No dance or karaoke activities in any establishments.

-No consumption of alcohol while standing.

Restaurants and bars will remain open and there will be no curfew enforced at this stage. On the other hand, the sale of alcohol to take home will be prohibited after 8:00 p.m.

Measures for students going Back to School after the holidays

As of Monday 3 January, two major precautions will be put in place to fight against the spread of the virus:

1) On the first day of school, each student will find a self-test on their desk. By the start of the school year, each parent will receive a message from the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports informing them of the implementation of this screening system, on a voluntary basis and subject to signed parental authorization. These will be rapid, nasopharyngeal, non-invasive and easy-to-use tests recommended by paediatricians. (A small sponge that is put just at the entrance of each nostril.) Each member of the National Education staff can also benefit from these tests.

2) Self-tests for employees will also be offered to employers. 50,000 self-tests have been ordered for employees. Employers can obtain self-tests via a teleservice. The goal is to ensure that people who test positive for the virus are quickly detected to break the chain of contamination.

Extension of the health pass

From 10 January, the health pass will be extended to a number of business sectors where customer contact is close and prolonged. This is the case in the construction and beauty sectors (for example, hairdressers), tattoo parlours and sports centres. Staff and customers of these activities and establishments must be provided with a health pass.

Immunization incentive

Upwards of 66,000 vaccinations have been administered in the Principality, or 66.7% of the eligible resident population (aged over 12). However, this is not a sufficient rate to combat the spread of the Omicron variant. The variant, spreading extremely quickly throughout Europe, has made it is essential for the population to protect itself. Those in intensive care at the CHPG (on ventilators) are unvaccinated people.

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