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Relaxation of Some Important Health Measures, though Masks Remain

There is some positive news on the health side in the Principality. The incidence of Covid infections has lowered from the levels earlier in the summer to as low as 31 recently. Less than 40 per 100.000 people is a relatively favourable benchmark. And the percentage of Monaco residents vaccinated continues to rise to 78% – that is just under 27.000 residents. 

Once the percentage vaccinated rises above 90% the likelihood of the whole community being protected further (collective immunity) rises which may give an opportunity for a further relaxation of health measures.

And so in a reported press conference Minister of State, Pierre D’Artout was able to announce a relaxation of some health measures and also announce which measures must stay as a reasonable precaution, given that the war against Covid is not won yet. 

Current Relaxation of Health Measures

Restaurants will now be able to accommodate up to 12 people at the same table. Regarding customers, an extension of the exemption from the health pass for residents and employees has been decreed for all consumption on the terrace. The same goes for the pass exemption for those under 18. 

Other relaxation for establishments open to the public – they will no longer have a limit gauge, previously set at 70%

Hairdressers – an appointment is not a requirement for going to the hairdressers 

Jacuzzis – finally the use of jacuzzis can resume, but this is still not the case for steam rooms and saunas.

Important Health Measures that Continue 

Masks – The colder weather is approaching when there is typically more risk of Covid circulating. And unfortunately the incidence rate remains high in neighbouring regions, particularly in PACA. The goal continues to make the hospital occupancy rate as low as possible. And as long as the vaccination has not reached a high enough level the Government considers wearing a mask essential including outdoors

Masks in schools – While some French departments will be able from October 4 to free primary school students from the constraint of wearing a mask in class, in Monaco the rule does not change. It remains compulsory in schools from the age of six. 

The Interior Ministry remains in discussions with Education for possible relaxations. Since the start of the school year, as of September 6, a dozen positive cases have been noted in the classes. In particular, they led to the closure of one kindergarten class.

Health Passes – health passes will be required for employees of events and congresses as the Principality hosts many major events

Sports Health Passes – Patrice Cellario revealed that the department of Education, Youth and Sports was looking for avenues of development for Sports (EPS) lessons. Sports club managers are now entitled to request the production of the health pass for athletes from 12 years and two months . Each club can establish its own strategy, which must then be applied to all licensees. If an club considers that the pass is not necessary for the practice, then it will not be required to request it. For children under 12, the DASA will develop protocols adapted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature of the sport.

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