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Remarkably Successful Exam Results Across the Whole Principality Prove the Excellence of its Teaching

The first round of Baccalaureate 2023 results in the Principality demonstrate a consistent success.

Combined Results 

With 97.6% success in the first round of the Baccalaureate all series combined, and 79.9% of baccalaureate holders obtaining a mention, including 18.6% “Very Good”, the 2023 edition confirms the quality of the Monegasque education system.

These remarkable results are the result of the unfailing commitment of all the staff and the exemplary involvement of the students. They honour the Principality and bear witness, once again, to the excellence of its teaching.

Lycée Albert Ier and Lycée François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré 

General Series 

98.7% of students in the general series of Lycée Albert Ier and Lycée François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré passed their exam, with 263 mentions, i.e. 83.2% of baccalaureate holders:

62 “Very Good” mentions, including 4 with the congratulations of the jury

114 “Good” ratings,

87 “Pretty Good” mentions.

Lycée Albert Ier and the Lycée Rainier III, Technological Series 

For the technological series of the Lycée Albert Ier and the Lycée Rainier III, 98.1% of the students were admitted, with 38 mentions, i.e. 73.1% of the baccalauréat holders in this series:

1 mention “Very Good”,

11 “Good” mentions,

26 “Pretty Good” mentions.

Lycée Rainier III, Professional Series 

As for the professional series of Lycée Rainier III, it recorded a success rate of 92.9%, with 60 mentions, or 71.43% of the baccalaureate holders in this series:

4 mentions “Very Good”,

17 “Good” mentions,

39 “Pretty Good” mentions.

The Prince’s Government sent its most sincere congratulations to all the graduates for their investment in their education and their continuous work, which made these very good results possible.

The Prince’s Government also thanked the management, as well as the teaching and non-teaching staff of each establishment for the quality of the support they provide to the students.

Finally, the Government thanked the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports for its commitment to schools, always working for their success.

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