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Restaurants are Bravely Re-Launching: Here is what is awaiting you after the period of hibernation

Did you know that the Giraudi Group operates 12 restaurants with about 500 employees in the Principality. Can you imagine the impact of the pandemic and quarantine! The Beef Bar, Cantinetta, Cozza and Mozza have all been in hibernation. 

Not all of them will immediately come roaring back on June 2nd but the beloved names like Beef Bar, Cantinetta and Cozza, at least will be awaiting their regular clientele. The challenge is to introduce all the new sanitary rules without destroying the charm and the atmosphere that we diners love. 


Giraudi Group are mostly fortunate they their restaurants have the space to reorganize tables 1.5 metres apart. Typically their restaurants used to have about 30% spare capacity – this will get eaten up now by the extra space taken up with distancing the tables. 

This summer is going to be an important challenge in the revitalization of the Principality. If the dining atmosphere at least comes roaring back, it will be an important win, no matter that the volume of business can’t be expected to rival previous summers so early in the reopening. It may be more like the winter trade, but that would be a great step forward – winter in summer, but a rebirth none the less. 


Sanitary Rules Galore – For Safety and Good Health 

The Principality is determined to be the safe destination to be – where above all visitors will know their health comes first. 

  • Tables will be at least 1.5 metres apart with a maximum of four to six persons at a table
  • There will be a minimum space of 50 centimeters between each diner too
  • Flows into the restaurant will be managed by requiring reservations.
  • No wandering to and from a buffet or to the counter to eat.
  • Waiters and kitchen staff will wear masks, surgical ones in the kitchen 
  • Condiments like salt and pepper will be freshly sanitized as table sittings turn over – even the tables and chairs. 
  • Subtle changes to how menus are sanitized or handled – or not so much handled as displayed even on your smart-phone or a display-board. 
  • Don’t expect loud music, rather a toned-down musical ambiance in the background 
  • And the ubiquitous hydro-gel dispensers.

Behind the scenes, not so noticeable, but important all the same for health, special handling of “take out” orders and deliveries and receipt of produce in dedicated healthy spaces with sanitization. 

The Principality’s restauranteurs are busy, busy, busy at work in a precise military-style operation to create a healthy dining experience

Terraces make a great contribution

It’s healthy outside and there is often space. And for those restaurants that have little space inside and tables traditionally packed tightly together – terraces are a lifeline and a chance to enable tables to be spaced in sufficient number. The other life-line has been take-out business. 

Many of the staff of the restaurants have partly been taken care of by, for example, by supporting measures from the Principality – “total temporary unemployment reinforced”.

But the restaurants need terrace space to survive in future and do business and will be applying to the Mairie. Normally, if approved, terrace space has to be paid for annually – but it is reported that the Mairie has reduced the annual rate by 50% from June 2nd, at least to temporarily assist with the current challenge. 

Restauranteurs are trying everything they can to make it inviting for diners to return and also feel safe. Terraces make a great contribution – pleasure and safety combined! 

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