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Museums and the Cultural Life of the Principality Spring Back. Discover when the first Opens

For those who were planning to visit the exhibition devoted to Eugène Frey in the New National Museum of Monaco at Paloma, fortunately it is reopening again. It was suddenly closed in mid-March after only few days of showing – just as the quarantine closed everything. 

Frey was the inventor of unique lighting systems and opera decorations in the early twentieth century. Included in the exhibition is a contemporary vision created by the Portuguese artist João Maria Gusmão.

Museums and the Cultural Life of the Principality

And so together with the bars and restaurants, on June 2 in the Principality of Monaco, NMNM’s Paloma will once again be able to welcome the public – as generally will other museums. They must however comply with strict health standards which facilitate social distancing by organizing the flow of visits and the flow of entry and exits well. And, of course, provision of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and an array of sanitary measures are requisites. So not every museum will be able to immediately plan and organize their expos and have the new robust health measures in place on June 2nd. 

NMNM’s Villa Sauber, for example, which had two exhibitions planned has postponed them until the fall. Rather than receiving large groups NMNM’s Paloma dedicates itself mainly to individual visitors and families, which makes life simpler for the organizers. Those visiting will find from June 2 onwards that they will be directed by a clear path in order to circulate around the rooms of the museum together with differentiated entry and exit. There have traditionally been security personnel placed at each of the three levels and this will continue. Art workshops for children and families should be starting once again soon too, all complying with the new safety rules.

Museums and the Cultural Life of the Principality

The museum’s gardens and terrace, situated beautifully above the bay of Monaco, will also be accessible for lovers of lunch breaks in tranquil surroundings. It is even reported that teams are considering the possibility of installing a food truck there. Something to look forward to. New life is being breathed in all the cultural centres of the Principality. June is just the start of the renaissance. 

Partial reopening of municipal crèches

As part of the plan for the gradual lifting of the confinement, the reopening of crèches has always been an objective that the City of Monaco wished to achieve as soon as possible.

Museums and the Cultural Life of the Principality

Thus, a partial reopening is planned from Tuesday June 9 to Friday August 28, 2020, if the sanitary conditions at the end of phase 2 allow it. The reception of children can only be done in compliance with strict health rules which require robust organization prior to opening. 

As a result, only two establishments will reopen: the Ile aux Bambins and the Monaco-Ville crèche for a total of 80 places, reserved for the reception of children whose parents are in great difficulty with respect to childcare.

Go to the Families Portal for more information.

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