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Seven Restaurants Shut Down for not Complying with Сovid Regulations

Monaco’s Police force has temporarily shut down seven restaurants for not complying with current health regulations in the Principality. And it’s not the first time. Last May, four restaurants were also forced to shut their doors for the same reason (only one restaurant is a repeat offender).

Although Covid-19 restrictions are much more lax compared with earlier regulations enforced during the pandemic, these seven restaurants were forced to shut down on 19 November for four to seven days to reprimand them for disobeying health regulations. The offence: employees at these seven restaurants were not wearing face masks, including employees who work in the kitchens and prepare food.

The seven restaurants are: Pulcinella, Quai des Artistes, Le Neptune, Stars ‘N’ Bars, Before, Cova restaurants and as well as the restaurant in the Club 39 sports hall, located on avenue Princesse-Grace.

It’s not the first time

Back in May, four restaurants in Monaco were also forced to close for several days due to non-compliance with health protocols. The establishments which closed in May were: La Bionda, Apero Pizza, the Häagen Dazs ice-cream parlour and the Club 39 sports hall (the only repeat offender thus far).

Back in December 2020, around 60 restaurants in Monaco were checked and a total of 21 minor offences were recorded for various breaches. 

“Wearing a mask is compulsory in public places and in waiting lines,” states the Princely Government’s website dedicated to Covid-19 information.

There were thirteen new positive cases of Covid-19 in Monaco on Monday 22 November. In total, over 3,500 residents of the Principality have been affected by the virus since the pandemic began. Police officers will continue to regularly carry out checks in restaurants to ensure that health measures are respected.

“Let us remain vigilant, together we can stop the pandemic,” states the Princely Government’s website dedicated to Covid-19 information.

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