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Should there be more bingo venues in Monaco?

Monaco is one of the most attractive destinations for gambling lovers. The country is ideally located near the French border, on the French Riviera.

Its bingo venues offer fabulous bingo promotions that attract more and more tourists each year.

Monaco is known for its beautiful casinos which were selected as shooting locations for some of the James Bond films. The country is also known for organising several major events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.

The country is also known as a “Billionaires’ Playground”. Indeed, 32% of Monaco’s population are millionaires.

Monaco is a very small French-speaking country. It is one of the densest countries in the world.

Bingo is a popular gambling game across the world. There are a few bingo venues in Monaco but should there be more ?

In this article, we will introduce the game of bingo, discuss the positive aspects that bingo can bring to gambling venues, and how they would benefit Monaco. We will also briefly discuss the expansion of the online bingo market.

What is bingo?

Bingo is believed to have originated in Italy back in the 16th century. It was then a lottery game called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”.

It was soon imported to France where players called it “Le Lotto”. The game was popular among the French aristocracy.

Later on, it spread to the rest of the world and gained international popularity. The game does vary from country to country.

Two of the most famous bingo versions are the UK version (90-ball game) and the American version (75-ball game).

What are the rules of bingo?

As mentioned previously, there are different versions of the game. The rules might vary from country to country and depending on the bingo hall you play in.

In the British version, players are typically given a bingo ticket with 27 spaces, spread over nine columns and three rows. Numbers will range from 1-90 and will be randomly distributed over the ticket.

In the American version, players usually have 25 spaces on their ticket. Numbers will range from 1-75 instead of 1-90.

The game requires a caller to randomly draw a number. The caller will then call out the number to the players.

Note that the caller may use bingo lingo, or specific bingo expressions, to give out the numbers. You might need to learn some bingo lingo before playing to know which number is called out.

Those who have the number on their ticket can cross it off. The winner is the first to mark off all of the numbers of a winning combination.

Some of the most common winning combinations include:

  • Four corners: the winner has marked off the numbers on the far left and the far right of their ticket’s top and bottom lines
  • Full house: the winner has marked off all 15 numbers
  • Line: the winner has marked off a full horizontal line
  • Two Lines: the winner has marked off two lines on a single ticket

These winning combinations may vary depending on where you play.

Why is bingo a fun game that could benefit venues?

There are several reasons why bingo is an entertaining game that venues could largely benefit from. Here are three reasons:

1. Social activity

Bingo is played with a group of people. Therefore, it is a great game for people to socialise and enjoy activities with their friends or family members.

By offering bingo games, venues could attract groups of people from all generations.

2. Fun and relaxed game

Because bingo is mainly a game of luck, it can be more fun and relaxed than other games that require strategic thinking.

It is an easy and straightforward game so very accessible to players from all backgrounds and all levels.

All players must do is bet randomly on a number and leave the rest to luck.

3. Interactive aspect of the game

Bingo is also a fun game thanks to the caller’s entertaining bingo lingo calls. Some bingo lingo calls even have responses or calls that audience members can shout back to the caller.

For example, the call “Legs Eleven” is used when the caller pulls out number 11. The call is a reference to the shape of the numbers that look like long and slender legs.

Players usually respond to this call with wolf whistles.

Why should there be more bingo venues in Monaco?

As mentioned above, bingo is a fun and entertaining game that attracts people from all generations. It is an easy, interactive, and social game that is accessible to players from all levels.

Bingo is also an increasingly popular game. More and more players will be on the lookout for nearby bingo venues to visit with friends and family.

The game is very popular in the United States and the UK. Considering that Monaco is an international country and prized tourist destination, the country’s tourism sector could benefit from more bingo venues.

Furthermore, Monaco could use the game’s positive features to attract a wider range of consumers. They could use bingo’s increasing popularity to bring players into their historic and beautiful casinos.

Bingo floors

Another advantage of bingo is how easy it is to organise. Physical bingo floors do not require much apart from tables and chairs for players to sit on.

A stage and a microphone for the caller would also be useful. Bingo does not require much else. 

Therefore, they are easy for casinos to organise and offer to their clientele.

The rise of online bingo games

Another alternative to physical bingo floors is online bingo. Gamers can now play on their phones without needing to visit a physical casino.

The technological developments are making bingo games as fun as physical ones. Some online versions even give you the option to play with friends.

Casinos in Monaco and players could also explore this option instead of offering physical bingo games in their venues.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the origins and the rules of bingo. We have also introduced some of the fun aspects of the game that could benefit gambling venues.

We closed the article with some explanations on bingo floors and the increasing popularity of online bingo games.

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