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Showdown at Rainier III Boulodrome: Count the World Petanque Champions Facing Off

It promises to be an extraordinary headline event, that is attracting the best boules players in the world to convene in Monaco for the 6th Hereditary Prince Jacques Challenge this coming September. 

The Monegasque Federation of Boules, already in the starting blocks, recently unveiled a number of the selected teams that will represent the Monaco Boules Club at this Challenge, scheduled for September 14th and 15th at the Rainier III Boulodrome. 

This new edition is celebrating its second edition in doubles. And so the Monegasque Federation of Boules has chosen competitive teams determined to compete with the best.

Among the selected duos to represent Monaco, we find: Denis OLMOS, accompanied by Louis MARSILLE, recently crowned at the Under-23 Precision Shooting European Championship, but also Michel BROC and Guillaume CAMPILLO, Franck MILLO and Eric MOTTÉ as well as Raphaël FERRANDEZ and José RIVIERE and Salah KANES and Christophe MANCINI. A new recruit, Christophe SEVILLA, is joining Vincent FERRANDEZ to form another promising team.

And there is still another spot to be listed to make 7 Monegasque teams in all.

Pétanque Extravaganza: September Showdown at Rainier III Boulodrome

So when the summer sun sets behind the iconic Rock, mid-September will herald the return of pétanque to the limelight for this spectacular event.

This year, the competition sees a significant change, with the number of teams reduced from 60 to 32, aiming to elevate it to the top elite status, perhaps even the most prestigious in the world. The Challenge will feature more dynamic and intense gameplay, mirroring the structure of the World Championships with 5 rounds. Consequently, only 16 pairs will emerge victorious to advance to the next round.

Meanwhile, the remaining 16 teams will engage in a parallel competition, signalling the Principality’s commitment to a grand spectacle, with substantial prizes at stake, including a whopping €35,000 prize pool, adding an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.

With more than 10 world champions boasting an impressive tally of over 35 titles among them, the stage is set for a riveting showdown. Imagine Henri Lacroix, a titan with 13 titles under his belt, alongside reigning world champions in doubles, Dylan Rocher and Christophe Sarrio, among others.

The pièce de résistance of this tournament? A clash of continents vying for supremacy, with Asia stepping onto the scene, ready to challenge the Europeans for dominance. 

Join in ….Admission will be free, and you will have the opportunity to witness a unique spectacle in a brand new setting specially designed to accommodate the public. Come and enjoy a central terrain surrounded by stands, to experience a truly memorable spectator experience. If you cannot attend in person, don’t worry! The event will be broadcast live on the Web TV

The anticipation is palpable, and we simply can’t wait to witness history unfold.

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