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Space, space… how does the Principality manage to store food and essentials

Where is there space to stock essentials in Monaco? Space is at a premium in the Principality whether it be for private apartments, some of which have prices in the stratosphere… or for housing for Monegasques, a priority program that is also eating into the remaining square metres of space. 

It is easy to forget that space is needed for lower profile but vital needs. 

Where is food to be stocked for example, or for that matter anything that needs to be stored? 

It might surprise you that even Monte-Carlo itself has storage locations. In fact the Principality has not far off 60.000 square metres allocated to storage space, the bigger share being in Fontvieille. 

Can you guess how big and where around Monaco the larger storage locations are? Reportedly, they are: 

Monte Carlo: 7.000+m2 Condamine: 6.000 +m2

Jardin Exotique/Moneghetti district: nearly 3.000 m2

La Rousse/Larvotto: 2.000+

Fontvieille: approx 17.500m2

and many others…

PAL Nice-Saint-Isidore storage in France

Monaco locations alone, of course, are still not enough, so there are at least 6 grand warehouses nearby in France in the Nice area with over 25.000 square metres of space, most in the Nice Saint-Isidore logistics business park (PAL) with 4 warehouses and the rest in the Carros-Le Broc industrial zone with 2 warehouses. 

Future Storage in Monaco 

But in future there will be more storage areas even in Monaco itself. There is the Charles III block which will be an ideal place into which to move the the urban distribution center (CDU). 

Reportedly a storage/transit area is also planned to centralize deliveries of some packages in the car park at the entrance to the city of the Exotic Garden. 

As yet the Principality has not made plans to create storage space on the Moon or Mars. Futurists predict that the human race will take to other planets as earth runs out of space. Whereas the Principality is well placed in terms of preparations to explore space, currently more conventional solutions are satisfying our needs for storage.

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