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Sport – A Means of Promoting Education, Health, Development and Peace

H.E. Ms. Isabelle Picco, Permanent Representative of Monaco and Co-President of the Group of Friends of Sport, and Florian Botto, held lengthy negotiations on the draft resolution of the UN General Assembly on incorporating principles relating to human rights and gender equality in the context of the organisation of international sporting events.

These efforts led to a resolution that was unanimously adopted on 16 December 2016.

“Together, we must take advantage of the full potential that sport offers in the three main areas of sustainable development,” stated H.E. Ms. Isabelle Picco in her speech to the General Assembly.

Furthermore, Ambassador Picco paid tribute to Wilfried Lemke, Special Adviser on Sport to the Secretary-General, whose mandate finishes at the end of the year, for his work, and in particular his efforts to help young people.

The Ambassador also reiterated her appeal to the Secretary General for “the heritage of more than ten years of work to be preserved and developed.

“After recalling several sports-related events in the Principality, such as the “No Finish Line” and the Forum of the Peace and Sport Association, she announced new collaboration with the SDG Fund, an entity that supports the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, one of which relates to sport for the benefit of young people and education.

Finally, in view of the celebration of the next International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, the Peace and Sport Association was invited to present the “manual of adapted sport practices” to member States, the aims of which include making sport available for the benefit of children who do not have access to sports facilities.


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