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Stars ‘N’ Bars Returns with a Brave Heart and a Green Soul

Stars ‘N’ Bars are fortunate. They have plenty of place inside and outside. So they have had a large team beavering away reorganising tables so that they are distanced just right under the new health rules.

Care for Our Planet 

Health is important to them. The return of nature as we humans retreated from the shoreline during the quarantine has greatly influenced their thinking. It struck them that when they had the opportunity to reopen they would strive to do things that would help the environment. That meant rethinking everything from their menus, to the way they prepare their food to their whole philosophy. They noticed that in the world around them many couldn’t wait for an economic rebound and to go on the attack again seeking growth in an unsustainable way. That’s not the Stars ‘N’ Bars of the future and for them the future is now. 

Stars ‘N’ Bars Returns

Out With the Tex Mex 

So out with the Coke and the Guacomole. Out with the Tex Mex dominating their menu. It’s a combination of Bio and being kind to the environment and a return to the life of the sixties that drives their new approach. Grow natural ingredients locally, source locally, support local producers. Out with plastic, out with the waste. There is too much delicious unsold food going to waste.

Take advantage of nature and the seasons, build menus around that. Memories of taking the food from the ground nearby, like salads, washing it instead of buying it ready-prepared in plastic packages. It takes extra work, but they are determined not to let that raise their prices. 

Reportedly, to replace Coke they found a French manufacturer in the Lyon region who makes cola soda with natural extracts. And then they plan to offer their own kombucha (a fermented specialty thanks to a particular flora) that they will make with organic tea and organic brown sugar. Their new approach even imagines customers coming with their own bottles to buy it. 

Stars ‘N’ Bars Returns

Green Soul and a Big Heart 

The new Stars ‘N’ Bars has a green soul and a big heart serving homemade dishes created from local, organic and fresh products and fish from responsible fishing. Their new menu will also include a choice of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.

In an effort to reduce the impact on the planet, there will be no more dishes and drinks containing non-local ingredients – all with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint.

More than that, a significant part of the products will come from the noticeably large vegetable garden conveniently located in front of the establishment itself. Stars’N’Bars will continue to serve take-out food using recyclable and compostable containers. Back to the future, back to the sixties, forward with nature and optimism. 

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