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Stars shine at the Academie de Danse Princesse Grace, due to generous support from her Foundation

Academie de Danse, Princess Grace – it has a beautiful ring to it. It evokes graciousness and grace, wonderful qualities for the young students of the school of dance to emulate. For close to 50 years now the school has been fortunate to be nurtured by the Princess Grace Foundation.

The Academie de Danse which occupies the magnificent Casa Mia is constantly shepherded by the Princess Grace Foundation to keep it at the level of international excellence that it strives for year in and year out.

The reputation of a school, even with excellent leadership, rests hugely on the quality of the talented students it attracts. This is where the Princess Grace Foundation delivers its magic in the form of scholarships. That together with the eagle eye of Luca Masala, Director of the Academie, who with a gift for spotting raw talent makes sure that the Princess Grace Academie de Danse is constantly fuelled by the best, creative, most intuitive and agile young dancers with the discipline to succeed. This does not come cheap and the Princess Grace Foundation steps up to the plate. For example, in the year 2017/2018 alone, scholarships to the tune of ninety thousand euros were disbursed.

Academie de Danse

Imagine all those hundreds of rehearsals accompanied by music. Would you believe, that even though the dancers thrive, the pianos eventually break down! Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal and eventually retirement beckons even pianos. The Princess Grace Foundation has fortunately bought two new beautiful junior Grand Pianos which fit perfectly and provide not only the right music but the ideal ambiance. And in this modern age, a new digital piano too makes three instruments in total that the Princess Grace Foundation has donated, for an additional cost of over sixty thousand euros.

No wonder the Academie thrives. The Princess Grace Foundation makes sure it has what it needs to excel – which it does each and every year, meriting its international reputation.

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