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Stars’n’bars Reincarnated as Conscientiae: Now is Your Opportunity to Discover!

In the heart of Monaco’s port, a groundbreaking new centrecalled Conscientiae has emerged after 6 months of teasing construction, redefining the concept of hospitality, wellness, and sustainability. First in the form of an expansive restaurant and a small terrace Conscientiae celebrates the harmonious connection between people, nature, and culture. Its name is derived from the Latin words “con” (with) and “scientia” (knowledge), symbolizing profound understanding and joint knowledge to engage with the world responsibly.

Spanning an impressive 1800 square meters, Conscientiaeimmerses guests in nature’s embrace, creating a serene sanctuary where abundant greenery and soil harness the healing power of nature.

Didier Rubiolo and Kate Powers were the original co-founders of the renowned Stars’n’Bars restaurant and were at the forefront of revolutionizing Monaco’s dining experience for over three decades, always adapting to the evolving needs of the community. Didier is continuing that mission with no doubt Kate’s spirit guiding him from the heavens.

So now out of the soul of Stars’n’bars is born Conscientiae just in time for peak holidays this month.

There’s more exciting development to come in September. On the mezzanine, the former restaurant space will give way to a series of spaces intended for sports or gentle meditation practices with coaches. Before the end of September, expect the opening of this “club” on the second floor, just in time with luck for the Monaco Yacht Show.

With the support of HSH Prince Albert II, Conscientiaerepresents an extension of Stars’n’Bars’s mission to make a genuine impact on the well-being of Monaco and the planet. Didier, a classically-trained chef with experience in prestigious restaurants, has been advocating for “healthier, conscious, and mindful dining” in Monaco since the early 2000s. For the launch of Conscientiae, Didier has returned to the kitchen, creating a revolutionary “menu for the planet.”

Didier passionately explains, saying that what and how we eat today directly contributes to more than a third of the carbon emissions causing climate change. He states that this poses a serious threat to the safety and availability of the food we consume daily, and he and his team feel a moral obligation to provide viable alternatives before it’s too late.

Conscientiae, with a beautiful new design, aims to inspire people to improve their eating habits with a brand new menu that draws inspiration from cuisines around the world. The dishes are crafted using fresh and sustainable ingredients sourced ethically from local suppliers. Didier envisions offering a delightful array of mouth-watering options that not only satisfy patrons but also benefit the well-being of our planet. He concludes by saying that living conscientiously has never been more delectable, and the possibilities are truly exciting.

Conscientiae which brings the Star’n’bars team with it in its reincarnation, welcomes visitors seven days a week, serving lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 and dinner starting at 19:00. In addition to the restaurant on the ground floor, we will see the centre evolve hosting various activities promoting wellness and sustainability, aspiring to become a community hub for nurturing innovative ideas that contribute positively to the world.

About Kate Powers who with Didier inspired and gave birth to the original concept

Kate Powers, co-founder of the Stars’N’Bars restaurant in Monaco and one of the Principality’s most beloved adopted citizens, is sadly no longer with us, but her memory certainly is.

Although an American by birth, Kate and her family moved to Monaco in the late 1950s and in 1962 her mother, Jeanne Kelly, married Edouard van Remoortel, Principal Conductor for the Monte Carlo Symphony Orchestra for many years.

As a young adult, Kate returned to the United States to start a career as chef and restaurant manager. In the late 1980s Kate returned to Monaco to help her brother Mike launch the legendary Le Texan restaurant (named by Prince Rainier himself).

During more than 30 years of “doing what she loved and loving what she did” Kate and her partner Didier Rubiolo created a unique dining experience at both Le Texan and Stars’N’Bars.  She regarded every customer as a VIP and left lasting memories for multiple generations of Monaco families and visitors alike.

Her love and commitment to the Principality as her true home culminated in her desire to become a Monegasque citizen. In 2009 she was granted citizenship in the Principality.  Kate’s efforts on behalf of Monaco were further recognized when she was the recipient of the prestigious Ordre de Saint Charles, an award given to outstanding citizens for their dedication and contribution to Monaco.

Kate was a passionate supporter of Prince Albert II’s work on climate control.  She co-founded Monacology in 2004, a week-long event which attracts more than 1000 school children each year to its EcoVillage.

Kate also actively promoted community action for the planet through creation of the Monaco Green Team made up of representatives of government, associations and the private sector as well as the Eco-Angels, a team of volunteers who help pick up waste after major events on the port. In 2020 Kate was named Ambassador for Monaco’s Mission for Energy Transition.

A charismatic and highly-respected personality in the Monaco community, Kate will be remembered for her unwavering positivity and desire to help others. She worked joyfully seven days a week, night and day, touching millions of guests over 30 years.  She also sponsored dozens of workshops and conferences on wellbeing and health for people of all ages.

Kate was renowned for her love of life, her humility and her unfailing humor, even in trying times.  When the pandemic arrived in Monaco, she complained that she could no longer hug her clients, pat an employee on the back or comfort a friend in need. She couldn’t be Kate.

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