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Teleworking: the future of employment in Monaco

The Junior Chamber International of Monaco held its end of summer breakfast at the Méridien Beach Plaza. Amongst the dignitaries invited, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Mr. Stéphane Valeri, was the main speaker, and the focus was on the implementation of Teleworking (remote working) in the Principality.

Accompanied by Ms. Pascale Pallanca, Director of Employment, and her deputy Ms. Sophie Vincent, the Minister recalled the steps that had been required to set up this new mechanism for Monegasque businesses: the adoption of the relevant legislation by the National Council on 29 June and the affiliation of teleworkers to the Monaco Social Security Funds by way of derogation from the Convention Concerning Social Welfare, thanks to an agreement between France and Monaco.

Telework- speech of Mr. Valerie, Minister of Health and Social affairs

The presentation focused in particular on the practical aspects of the implementation of this new tool via the “Framework”, which defines the general rules implementing the telework in the company. Monaco Telecom has already implemented the first contracts and new businesses are applying every day. An explanatory brochure was presented at the end, and would also be personally addressed to each employer by post in the following days.

The Principality has always been very favorable to the development of teleworking, which is an appropriate response to its small territory. Telecommuting will modernize the work in companies, while satisfying the desire of employees to reconcile work and their private lives. The development of teleworking in Monaco will also have a significant effect in terms of environmental protection and relief of traffic flow to and from Monaco.

This will also allow the development of the economy, without having to increase corporate infrastructures. It is also an appropriate response to the cost of real estate:
Telework implementation is a win-win for employers and employees: employers can develop their business, limiting their need for office space, saving on rental costs. Employees will gain quality of life: reduced transport time, transportation costs which will allow them to be suffer less from fatigue and also have more recreational time.

The developing of telework for companies in the Principality was subject to the agreement of the French authorities to ensure that future employees were affiliated to the Monegasque social systems, during their period of activity, instead of social schemes in their State of residence.
Future retired teleworkers residing in France will, like all retired Monegasque residing in France, be affiliated to the French health insurance funds. However, 50% of their medical health and those of their dependents will be covered by the French and Monegasque funds, subject to having teleworked in Monaco for 15 years or more.

In conclusion, the Minister defends the project of teleworking as a good answer, to ensure the future economic development of Monaco. “It’s up to our business leaders and employees of our country to start putting it into place.”

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