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Tête de Chien: Monegasque officials are looking at their options

Offices? A cable car? What will become of the Tête de Chien, recently acquired by the Principality?

On 25th April, Tuesday morning, Serge Telle, Minister of State, visited the Tête de Chien for the first time since its purchase by the Principality in July 2016.

Accompanied by Jean Castellini, government adviser to the Minister of Finance and the Economy, and Rémy Rolland, Domains administrator, he was welcomed by Jean-Jacques Raffaele, Mayor of La Turbie, and three deputies.

The Monegasque delegation took the time necessary to discover the 3300 meters of the imposing location that dominates the Principality and offers exceptional 360°panoramas.

“An extraordinary place to grasp all the physical reality of Monaco. We have done very well in acquiring this fort,” the minister concluded halfway through the visit.

“Historical and futuristic place”

Serge Telle crossed the old workshops and offices of Orange and CNET, the last occupants of the fort. Large, well-equipped and sunny offices, a direct view of the construction site for the future car park being made to dissuade the cable car.  The initial hypothesis of how to use the premises was sprouting: “The seams of The Principality are cracking everywhere. Why not set up offices serviced by a cable car with a simple relay station at the fort?”

The head of the princely government summed up his impressions at the end of the visit: “It is a great project to reflect upon and a construction site which has just opened for us. In partnership with La Turbie, we will begin to think, with the sovereign, of a final use for this historical and futuristic place.”

The visit was not over yet. Jean-Jacques Raffaele presented the surrounding environment of the fort to the Monegasque delegation. Beginning with the old barracks, now ruins in the middle of a protected zone that overhangs an area destined for use by rescue helicopters.

“It would be necessary to redevelop the terrain, to secure the path that leads to the viewpoint of the Principality (under the fort) and to destroy the barracks,” the mayor said, “but they have been colonized by protected species. These ruins, unless we make impact studies beforehand, would be long and costly and the municipality does not have the means.”

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