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The amended budget was adopted unanimously

Last Wednesday the National Council voted in favor of the amended budget of the State after two nights of debates, marked by animosity between former elected allies.

Exceeding budget of 14 million euros and an unanimous vote was no surprise. The National council adopted the amended state budget for 2016. The quarrels between former allies of the majority, took yet again too much time in the debates. The phantom of the evening of the 27th of April, lingered above the hemicycle, nourished by the heavy animosity which seemed to be prioritised over the work of the elected. With the revenues in excess of 1.2 billion EUR and expenditure of 1.205 billion EUR the budget under consideration was void of any major stumbling blocks. “This budget will have laid the groundwork for the initial budget and the basis for relations between our institutions” said Marc Burini Chairman of the Finance Committee in his speech to the government.


Among the topics that marked the debates and which will be discussed again in December were: the running of SBM, reflection on federal business premises, the need for phasing of projects, traffic problems, files on the Spélugues Parking or the incineration plant. Also awaiting the results of the negotiations with Europe. “We need to be made aware beforehand on the strategy that the government will be adopting to preserve our identity” argues Laurent Nouvion. To be noted is the abstention of Daniel Boéri, who was saddened by the fact that the “Nuit Blanche” has not been included in the 2017 calendar “which was created to contribute to the attractiveness and draw a new and complementary crowd. The government has forgotten this”. And votes against the Monaco union that advocates the restoration of the budget amendment “because the work of national consultants is reduced by this fundamental aspect of the budgetary laws” said Jean-François Robillon.

Next session will be in December to study the initial budget. In a peaceful climate? It should be.

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