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The GEMLUC donates a 3D surgery endoscope to the CHPG

Thanks to the generosity of the GEMLUC that raised € 150.000 during the “Euros of Hope/Les Euros de l’Espoir” evening on October 13, the Princess Grace Hospital purchased a 3D laparoscopic surgery endoscope. Introduced by Dr. Maurice Chazal on Wednesday, December 14, in the presence of CHPG Director Patrick Bini, this state-of-the-art equipment will allow extremely precise surgical interventions with a 3D vision. It will be used in particular for cancer-gastrointestinal and gynecological surgeries. It is the only 3D laparoscopic surgery endoscope on the Côte d’Azur.

A 3D vision in surgery, is a notable advance

The three-dimensional vision is handy for surgical gestures requiring an extreme precision and a very good perception of space. It improves the positioning precision, provides a detailed view of the relief and allows for a better eye-hand coordination. It also gives a more precise view of the adjacent anatomical structures and allows to spare them as much as possible.

It gives a laparoscopic surgery even more precision, speed and efficiency.
For the patient, there is a number of advantages to this advanced technology:
-a mini-invasive surgery
-greater accuracy of surgical procedure
-a simpler operation
-reduced operating time
-comfort for the surgeon and therefore safety for the patient

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