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The Golden Voices Music Award lands on Monaco to launch new musical talents

The artistic and musical panorama of Monaco is now enriched by a new qualified talent scout platform with a long tradition behind. The Golden Voices of Monaco was unveiled on the 16th September 2020 at Stars’N’Bars by Monaco International Performing ArtsMIPAC, a brand-new Monegasque culture, arts and entertainment association made of intergenerational professionals and amateurs.

The new project is considered as an international section of The Golden Voices Music Award and The Golden Voices Academy in partnership with Bruno Berberes, well-known casting director for The Voice France and Eurovision shows as well as TV and radio producer and broadcaster. All that in the name of creativity. In fact, MIPAC, founded in February 2020, aims at giving new talents the opportunity to produce their work.

The Golden Voices Music Award
Claire Amato Marsan, president of MIPAC, interviewed by HelloMonaco (Stars’N’Bars, 16th September 2020). © Maurizio Abbati

“At a time when culture is strongly affected by the current covid-19 pandemic, we must remember its importance for the society” pointed out Claire Amato Marsan, president of the association – “without cultural basis humans will be even more depressed, so we must not forget the artists” – she added.

The Golden Voices Music Award
Daniel Boeri, President of Culture and Heritage Commission within the National Council, welcomed by Claire Amato Marsan, Vanina Aronica and Norbert Proust (Stars’N’Bars, 16th September 2020). @MIPAC

A few years ago, I created the Golden Voices Music Award whose success pushed me to conceive some local editions like the one in Bayreuth (Lebanon)”, underlined the vice-president Vanina Aronica, French-American Soprano, actress and vocal coachI fully appreciate the fusion of different artistic expressions and I really enjoyed the link between Los Angeles and Monaco”, she added. 

Our mission is also to revitalize the artistic spirit of the Principality, privileged international stage, in terms of producing music locally”, highlighted the co-founder Norbert Proust, well-known coach and guitarist performing at the Hotel de Paris.

The Golden Voices Music Award
The tenor Gilles San Juan dueting with Stéphane Ben on stage for The Music Voices of Monaco (Stars’N’Bars, 16th September 2020).© Maurizio Abbati

The event was also the occasion to listen to some talented performers in different musical genres. The tenor Gilles San Juan interpreted ‘Parla più piano’ (Speak softly), the iconic Italian cover by Nino Rota part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Il Padrino’ (The Godfather). Moreover, he played, in duet with Stéphane Ben, an emotional version of ‘Caruso’, masterpiece composed in 1986 by Lucio Dalla, famous Italian singer-songwriter to celebrate the tenor Enrico Caruso.

The Golden Voices Music Award
Sami Amato interviewed by HelloMonaco (Stars’N’Bars, 16th September 2020).© Maurizio Abbati

Despite her young age, the 12-year-old promising talent, Sami Amato, performed with good musical technique ‘Skyfall’, modern classic soundtrack of the homonymous 007 Bond movie played by Adele, and ‘J’ai Deux Amours’ (I have two loves) a vintage song made famous by Josephine Baker.

I have been practicing my voice since I was a baby and it has always been my dream to become a professional singer given that singing is all my life”, stressed Sami. The 9-year-old Mateo brought the audience back into Elvis Presley’s rock and roll rhythm.

The Golden Voices Music Award
Melany Toujas interviewed by HelloMonaco (Stars’N’Bars, 16th September 2020).© Maurizio Abbati

In the category singer-songwriter, Melany Toujas attracted the attention for her up-and-coming creation, notably the single ‘Upside Down’ accompanied by a good swing.

I have already received several awards and now I am honoured to attend this contest in Monaco that gives me the opportunity to build a professional network and gain experience on stage”, pointed out Melany – “my double side album is inspired by everyday life issues and my eco-friendly soul”.

The Golden Voices Music Award
Anna Vernov performing on stage accompanied by Norbert Proust’s guitar (Stars’N’Bars, 16thSeptember 2020).© Maurizio Abbati

Anna Vernov masterfully performed a French acoustic version of ‘Shallow’, the most popular passage recently sung by Lady Gaga in the award-winning movie ‘A star is born’ accompanied by Norbert Proust’s guitar.

The Golden Voices of Monaco, sponsored by MIPAC is going to mark the new artistic season in the Principality with incoming events that will be announced soon. We just have to stay tuned.

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