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The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Launches Flu Campaign

Each year it is highly important for the flu vaccination to be administered and the government campaign helps to spread information about this critical health issue. Seasonal flu is dangerous for the elderly, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems, particularly those who suffer from chronic respiratory or cardiac conditions.

Vaccination is the only truly effective protection against flu, and if you receive it at the start of the season it can stop you from becoming ill and passing the virus to others. The flu virus is easily spread by coughing, and also can be spread through one’s hands.

To be effective, the vaccine must be administered before flu viruses begin to circulate, which is generally from the end of October, so that the body can produce antibodies and offer protection. You can pick up the flu vaccine from a local pharmacy, as the vaccine which protects against the flu viruses expected in 2017-2018 has been available in pharmacies for the last few days.

Vaccines can be received on prescription and there are few contraindications with the exception of serious infections, but you can talk to your general practitioner about it to find out more. It is important to remember that the flu vaccine offers protection only for one year because the viruses change every year. The previous year’s vaccine thus offers only partial and unreliable protection. Luckily side effects are not common and not serious (mild pain where the vaccine was administered and mild flu-like symptoms which disappear in a few days). In the Principality of Monaco, the cost of the vaccine is fully reimbursed for those covered by health insurance organisations.

If you have any doubts, be sure to read more about the flu vaccination and inform yourself about this seasonal illness through the campaign, to be sure you and your loved ones are protected.

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