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The New-Look Gaston-Médecin Hall has Roca Playing in Style with the Best in the EuroLeague

Nothing less for Roca than not to have a sports hall fit for its great matches in the EuroLeague. So this summer, major renovations took place in the sports hall of the Louis-II stadium, with the main objective of increasing the reception capacity to over 4.500 seats. And the result is the birth of a modern and elegant Hall, all in wood.

Now Monaco’s adventure in Euroleague is adorned with a room that meets the specifications of the competition. To do this the walls had to be leveraged to the maximum, giving the Gaston-Médecin Hall more than 4500 and a tad less than 4600 seats. This meets the objective of complying with the specifications of EuroLeague competition.

But Monaco had to pull out all the stops to carry out the essential facelift in a fairly short time. There was only about a 3 month window to achieve everything.

Roca didn’t finish its sports season until close to the end of June this year. How to get the Hall ready for the new championship starting this October?

How to demolish a number of structures, integrate prefabricated structures, with all the delivery problems that one can imagine, and finally settle the final adjustments? That was the stated challenge. It was Monegasque know-how in the end that made it possible.

The result was certainly worthy of a congratulatory roll-out to the press.

In beautiful beech wood

All in wood… the Hall is really superb. Roca’s “home” has expanded in size and the wood – solid beech – for the seats and for certain coverings is seducing. Gone are the old yellow seats and walls of the stands.

All that remains now is to match this new welcoming Hall’s ambiance with the warmth and goodwill of the fans and their rousing chants echoing around this spiffy new look.

A real Euroleague-level basketball hall to be proud of!

The Press briefing and press reports revealed that an increase in television broadcasting has also been anticipated, with platforms for the cameras installed. In addition to increased seating, the room has doubled the number of places dedicated to people with reduced mobility.

Who Else May Use Gaston-Medicin

The stands located behind the two baskets remain retractable for alternative uses. An international judo tournament is already planned before the end of the year. Will the women’s basketball club, the Monaco Basket Association, which has been promoted to LF2, be able to play in the Gaston-Médecin Hall in future?

What a rapid change from the past with this new configuration. May it bode good luck for Roca’s adventures in the EuroLeague.

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