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The new Portier area has been officially given a green light

Last June, the National Council approved and voted on the law №948 on a new 6-hectar expansion project of the coastal zone towards the sea.
It is to be carried out by the construction group S.A.M. l’Anse du Portier/Bouygues Travaux Publics. This project was presented to the government and the press one year ago and the Council has finally given a green light to the construction of a new complex in Monaco. This is the second project of increasing the Principality’s territory through the sea. The Fontvieille district was the first one to be built back under the reign of Prince Rainier III.
Here is what lies in store for the Monegasques.
An ecological complex hosting a number of facilities:

  • 60,000 m² surface mainly used for residential buildings (namely 55,000 m²) and the remaining 3,500 m² area to be sold for commercial purposes, boutiques and cafes;
  • Public spaces for conference halls and exhibitions, a definite extension for the Grimaldi Forum which is only 9,900 m²at the moment. The Forum will thus become a more attractive place for local entrepreneurs and for international events and conferences;
  • A two-storey underground car park with a capacity of 480 cars and special spaces for two-wheeled vehicles;
  •  A green park, for strolling and relaxation, with a variety of colourful flora to be enjoyed and a total area of 6,500 m²;
  • A 560-metre coastal walk along the seaside, open during the day and at night;
  • A specially designed Japanese garden;
  • A harbour and passenger port just for the new complex, though only accessible to pedestrians. The port and the harbour will cover a total of 310 m², with 30 spaces for mooring yachts and special facilities for water drainage.

Portier is a new 6-hectar expansion project of the coastal zone towards the sea
The management of the project is particularly environmentally friendly, giving a special attention to the marine life and fauna currently living on its territory and surroundings. Since the complex is actually classed as an eco-area, it has all the specialised environmental certifications such as the HQE Aménagement, BREEAM, Biodivercity and Port Propre labels.

The project is to be launched at the end of 2016 and to be finished by 2025. Its total cost amounts to over 2 billion euros.

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