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The Palace Guards Celebrate St. Sebastian’s Day and other Monaco news

While the Principality of Monaco is celebrating the Saint Devote Festival, HelloMonaco put together the most interesting Monaco news of this week.

The Palace Guards Celebrate St. Sebastian’s Day

The Palace Guards Celebrate St. Sebastian's Day

Ceremonies commemorating St. Sebastian, the Patron Saint of the Palace Guards, were celebrated this morning, in the presence of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince and H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, the Patron of the Palace Guards.

Grace Kelly coin worth €2,000: what makes the coin so valuable?

€2 Grace Kelly coin now worth thousands Moneta

The 2 commemorative Grace Kelly coin, created in 2007 in memory of the Princess, is now worth a lot more than two euros. When the Principality of Monacos Museum of Stamps and Coins first brought out the coin 10 years ago, it was sold for a price of120, which seemed steep for many buyers at the time.  But the limited edition iscurrently a real treasure for collectors, is worth about 2,000 and its value continues to increase.

NMNM: Thinking Outside the Box during Renovations

NMNM: Thinking Outside the Box during Renovations

The New National Museum of Monaco (NMNM) is experiencing a time of major change. Due to maintenance works, which are currently underway, the Villa Paloma is closed until spring. And the Villa Sauber is closed until further notice. The museum decided not to organize any events in early 2019 to carry out restoration and expansion projects. But state budgets for these works have been time-consuming, leaving the museum an empty shell.  This unexpected obstacle has sparked some creative thinking by staff at the museum, who are keeping busy by thinking outside the box.

Mayor of Monaco Welcomes the Press with Traditional New Year Wishes

Традиционные новогодние пожелания мэра Монако прессе

On January 21, following the traditional New Year’s “Galette de Roi” and “The Three Kings” cake, the Mayor of Monaco conveyed his best wishes for 2019 to the Monegasque press. The meeting was held in the Wedding Hall of the Mayor’s Office. It was attended by the Mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan, 4th Deputy Mayor for Sports and Entertainment, Jacques Pastor, 2nd Deputy Mayor and Delegate for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Marjorie Crovetto-Harroch, Deputy for Youth Affairs Nicolas Croesi, and many other members of the Monaco Municipal Council.

Saint Devote Traditional Celebrations

St. Devote Procession in Monaco
St. Devote Procession in Monaco

Celebrations for Sainte Devote, patron saint of Monaco, will take place on Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th of January. These celebrations are one of the oldest traditions in the Principality of Monaco, a tradition that has permeated the national culture in fields as diverse as religion, folklore, popular belief, history, literature, arts, painting, music, numismatics and philately.

Crypto Market, Fall of 2018: Three Trends and One Practical Piece of Advice


Blockchain and cryptocurrency gave birth to a new generation of millionaires, opened up new opportunities for specialists in more or less every sphere of business, and forced skeptics to believe in the potential of these new technologies. The period of time from the end of November of 2017 and until March of 2018 was the time of the «Gold Rush», when everyone but the most uneducated folks talked about cryptocurrencies and the opportunity to make a quick buck by launching blockchain projects, investing in ICOs, and simply speculating on crypto exchanges.

Roars of Delight at the Circus Festival: The Golden Clowns Enchant

Roars of Delight at the Circus Festival: The Golden Clowns Enchant

Everything about the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo this year was unique. And the prizes for the best acts reflected it. And we’ll tell you later about a special winner who was born in Monaco. It’s the first time this has happened in the Principality.

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