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The Police & the Whole Public Security Department Have Just Celebrated a Major Move

The move of the Principality’s New Police Headquarters is formerly completed. They are back into their newly renovated and enlarged building on Rue Suffren Reymond. And it has been a really big move. 

The headquarters for Monaco’s Police Force has not just undergone major renovations over the last two years to accommodate an increase in staff to beyond the old limit of 600. It has been raised to create major new space. 

The new building has red and white stripes and sunshades. Two of the three buildings that make up the complex have been raised by four storeys. There is even a “bridge” linking two of them above rue Louis Notari. In all the surface area has increased from 6,600sqm by not quite 50% to just short of 10,000 sqm. 

The budget for the expansion alone was €80 million, not counting the €15 million for the temporary building in front of Louis II stadium.

Increasing beyond 600 police officers

The new premises will make it possible to cope with the increase in staff numbers, with the historic threshold of 600 being exceeded. It will also accommodate services that were previously off-site, such as the police headquarters, the police academy and the internal intelligence division.

Upgrades and modernizations

A new forensic laboratory designed with the assistance of the French national police has been added, as well as a crisis room, a new command centre with a modernized CCTV network and a new space for drones on the roof.

 A Museum in the building dedicated to the history of the law enforcement agency will be able to display more and more objects. 

And so the inauguration ceremony of the renovated building of the Public Security Department has just taken place in its honour hall, under the presidency of the Sovereign Prince, in the presence of Minister of State, Pierre DARTOUT, Minister of the Interior, Patrice CELLARIO, the General Controller in charge of the Public Security Department, Richard MARANGONI, the Staff of the Public Security, and the highest authorities of the Principality.

The building received the blessing from Father Julien GOLLINO, Chaplain of the Public Security, followed by a visit to the main premises, including the Operational Supervision and Command Center and the laboratory of the Technical and Scientific Police.

Mr. MARANGONI expressed his warm thanks to all the men and women in uniform, in civilian or administrative attire, who make up the ranks of the Monegasque police institution.

A moment of conviviality concluded this event in a cheerful atmosphere.

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