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The Roseraie Pond Springs Freshly To Life. Take A Relaxing Stroll

The pond at the Princess Grace Roseraie has taken on a new life – an Ecolife. Hidden beneath it are huge filtration rooms filtering desalinated sea-water. In time the water can also be used to water the roseraie. 

The turtles, fish, swans and ducks probably are amazed how their natural home has become less murky. Hopefully, they won’t miss the stagnant water of the past and will bask in their refreshing newly renovated pond. 

the Princess Grace Roseraie


It is such a beloved place to relax that it has been worth the wait of a year to complete what has been a major overhaul to create a pleasant, ecological and sustainable place.

Instead of a small concrete coping, hardly a real path in the past, that used to surround the pond, the basin now provides its visitors a comfortable stroll around the pond.

the Princess Grace Roseraie

The planners have thought about the needs of people in wheelchairs and children in strollers – there is plenty of space to manouvre. 

Also there is a pontoon made of bamboo wood which is a sensible ecological choice. Bamboo, unlike exotic trees, takes only five years to grow, a fraction of the thirty years for the alternatives. 

the Princess Grace Roseraie


Enjoy the new promenade surrounding the basin which has also undergone some improvements and the new footbridge which now takes you to the water.

the Princess Grace Roseraie

Those ducks, swans and fish are such fun to admire. Don’t keep them waiting too long or they’ll suffer from bruised egos! 

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