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The Socca Movement in Monaco

On Facebook and with an online petition to the Mayor of Monaco, many people want the return of the emblematic meal Socca to the market.

One cannot imagine for a moment that there is no more Socca at the market. It is as if there were no more Figatelli in Corsica or Palets Bretons in Brittany. But I believe that soon, there will be a return of socca to the market. And if it should not be the case, why not create a Soccaioloposition, employed by the State or community?

The Condamine Market
The Condamine Market

The above quote symbolizes a movement that has been growing over the past few days on Monegasque social networks. Many Internet users have taken a stand for the “Return of Socca” to the Condamine Market. The above statement was published on a Facebook group dedicated to the subject. In a few days, the group has already gained 400 members.  A petition was also launched on the web which has convinced many people. Yesterday at noon, more than 400 people had already signed it. Only a day after it was set up.

Typical, delicious, convivial

The reasons for this movement are explained on the petition’s website (with some extra-dramatic words for effect): “For more than six months, following health problems, our Roger (Charton, NDLR) national and grand master of Socca at the Condamine Market, lowered the curtain. Lovers of this typical, delicious and convivial dish are desperate; some have even sunken into depression… We ask the mayor of Monaco to mobilize the reopening of this mythical institution, find a replacement, a transit solution to avoid drama. Retirees and children are beginning to show alarming signs of withdrawal. The revolt rumbles. Let us act. Beyond the mobilization, what future does Socca have at La Condamine Market?”

Georges Marsan, mayor of Monaco
Georges Marsan, mayor of Monaco

A message posted on the Facebook group gives some answers: “Hello everyone, I am posting (being the son-in-law of Roger)… First of all, thank you for your attention, messages of support and your patience. Our artist is taking time to care for himself, he is getting better and better and provided that his health remains good, a re-opening should take place very soon! We understand your expectations and that you miss him, it is a bit similar for his friends and his family, but we are hopeful for a speedy return of his flavorful dish! -Daghe Roger”

“Culinary Heritage”

The message has been ‘liked’ more than a hundred times. Proof of the movement around this subject (which, basically, is not surprising.) The dish that is shared and eaten with one’s fingers puts everyone in agreement.”Socca is something extremely important,” says Georges Marsan, mayor of Monaco. “It is part of Monaco’s culinary heritage.”A specialized stall for Socca has been proposed to the market.

Joël Garault
Joël Garault, Chef of Vistamar, restaurant in L’Hotel Hermitage.

Joël Garault agrees. The head chef of the Vistamar for a quarter of a century, the current president of the Monaco Goût and Saveurs Association, Socca is “the identity card of the market”. Above all, the food is “emblematic of the culture, heritage and identity” of Monaco,

Says the one who “completely adheres” to the approach. And this surely explains the adhesion around this petition… which continues to gain signatures.

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