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The World Association of women entrepreneurs met in Monaco

More than 300 women entrepreneurs gathered in Monaco last week, from more than 50 countries including Australia, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Morocco, Russia and Senegal. The Association meets four times a year and had responded to the invitation of its Monegasque branch, created in 2004. The Association has more than 500,000 members in 120 countries.

“It’s a wonderful recognition. They were confident in us to organize a worldwide committee meeting, firstly. Secondly, it demonstrates that Monaco, despite its glamorous image and reputation, has women who work, run enterprises, are capable of generating revenue and hosting this event,” said Joelle Baccialon, president of the Monaco branch of the FCEM.

The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs appointed a new president during the committee meeting in Monaco. Marie-Christine Oghly is the first French president since the association’s creation 70 years ago.

Marie-Christine Oghly
Marie-Christine Oghly CEO of Engin Soft France (14 employees, €2 million turnover) was appointed President of The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Monaco.

“The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs is, above all, an association which allows for the promotion of enterprising women in the economic world. It was formed for the world of tomorrow. It lobbies the government and the world of politics to better the conditions for entrepreneurial women. It’s a fact that all women, even if they are at the head of an enterprise, are still quite under-represented in the economic world. We have to continue to fight to obtain positions in core institutions and equally for administrative advice. The quotas for today need a lot of work in many countries,” said Marie-Christine Oghly, President of the FCEM.

The committee met on Friday in Monaco after holding a gala dinner Thursday evening at the Yacht club in the presence of the Sovereign.

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