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This Summer, Grimaldi Forum & the Tate Unveil “Turner, the sublime legacy”

In the summer of 2024, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco will present in collaboration with the Tate, the flagship exhibition “Turner, the sublime legacy”.

Embarking on a captivating odyssey across the awe-inspiring realms of Joseph Mallord William Turner, this exhibition at the Grimaldi promises an immersive experience within an expanse of over 2000 m2. From July 6 to September 1, delve into Turner’s visionary depictions, from his scenic landscapes to his explorations of light and colour, transcending conventional artistic boundaries.

Turner was undoubtedly a trailblazer, a visionary far ahead of his time. His profound influence on the art world and his pioneering representation of the sublime will take centre stage in this exhibition. Engaging in a stimulating dialogue with contemporary luminaries such as John Akomfrah, Olafur Eliasson, Richard Long, Cornelia Parker, Katie Paterson, Mark Rothko, and Jessica Warboys, the exhibition promises a dynamic exploration of Turner’s enduring legacy.

The Painter of Light

From his humble beginnings as a painter and watercolourist in the English countryside to the bold canvases of the 1840s, Turner’s oeuvre embodies a resolute modernity. With unparalleled mastery of colour and light, his landscapes captivate and challenge the viewer, inviting them into a world of boundless imagination. Turner is perhaps the best-loved English Romantic artist. He became known as ‘the painter of light’, because of his increasing interest in brilliant colours as the main constituent in his landscapes and seascapes.

Drawing from the esteemed Tate collection, the exhibition will showcase nearly 80 paintings and works on paper, offering insight into Turner’s poetic vision of landscape. His innovative style and unique approach to abstraction will be on full display, showcasing his contribution to the history of painting.

Turner’s watercolours, crafted during his extensive travels across Britain and Europe, as well as his completed and unfinished canvases, reveal the grandeur of natural phenomena and the transformative power of light and atmosphere. Through his art, Turner not only captures the raw beauty of nature but also redefines the landscape genre, leaving an indelible mark on artistic expression.

Masterpieces from the Tate Collection

Highlighted masterpieces from the Tate Collection include iconic works such as “Morning amongst the Coniston Fells, Cumberland” (1798), “The fall of an Avalanche in the Graubünden” (1810), and “Hurrah! for the Whaler Erebus! Another Fish!” (1846). Each painting resonates with Turner’s ability to evoke emotion and provoke contemplation.

In collaboration with the Tate and with the support of CMB Monaco, Sotheby’s, and the Marzocco Group, this exhibition offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the sublime world of Turner. Don’t miss out on the presale offer at €7, available until June 30, 2024.

Interesting Personal Facts About Turner

A child prodigy, Turner studied at the Royal Academy of Arts from 1789, enrolling when he was 14, and exhibited his first work there at 15.

As he grew older, Turner became more eccentric. He had few close friends except for his father, who lived with him for thirty years, eventually working as his studio assistant. His father’s death in 1829 had a profound effect on him, and thereafter he was subject to bouts of depression. He never married, although he had two daughters by his housekeeper and lover Sarah Danby, one born in 1801, the other in 1811. Turner saw little of them and he spent his latter years mostly in Chelsea, with Sophia Booth in whose guesthouse he stayed.

In 1841, Turner rowed a boat into the Thames so he could not be counted as present at any property in that year’s census. He lived in squalor and poor health from 1845, and died in London in 1851 aged 76. Turner is buried in St Paul’s Cathedral, London.


“Turner, the sublime legacy”
Grimaldi Forum

Full price: €14 (FREE for under 18s)
Reduced rates: €11 – Groups (+10 people) – Students (-25 years old upon presentation of a valid student card) – Seniors (+65 years old).

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