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Three “Schumacher” had been deprived of a driving license for speeding

Do you know how often the drivers exceed the speed on the A8? Road services have decided to check it by setting the radar on the motorway A8 between Saint Maksimenom and Brignoles. It turned out that some car owners think they are pilots of Formula 1.

Last weekend, a motorized squad of Saint-Maximin set up a speed control on the A8 motorway between Brignoles and Saint-Maximin.

Out of thirteen drivers spotted for speeding but three were more “distinguished” than others .

The first was spotted at 212 km/h (registered speed of 201 km/h) instead of 130, with a total overrun of 71 km/h.

The second was speeding at 191 km/h (retained speed of 181 km/h) instead of 130, with an overrun of 51 km/h.

The third is a young driver on a probationary license. He was spotted at 163 km/h (a retained speed of 154 km/h) with a speed limit of 110 km/h and an overrun of 44 km/h.

The licenses were immediately withdrawn from the three drivers and their vehicles immobilized.

Two of them were summoned to court.

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