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Together in the confinement: Martine Ackermann invites everyone to their balcony to sing together

Martine Ackermann, President of Child CARE Monaco and the President of Monaco Pupils’ Parents Association (Association des Parents d’Elèves de Monaco, APEM) invites everyone to their balcony to sing the Monegasque National Anthem (Hymn) every evening at 7 p.m. (gathering at 6.45 p.m.) to show support for one another. But the national anthem is not the only thing that she invites everyone to sing. This idea has excited the press and many in the community. She created a group on Facebook that had a large response from the Internet users who gladly are joining the initiative.

Martine Ackermann invites everyone to let her know those who wish to sing a Happy Birthday to somebody or pass a message to their family, friends, or any other special request. Every evening on her balcony she is planning to organize a small show with her microphone and spread the positive mood!

She wants people to join her in this moment of public isolation in order not to be alone and so we can pass through this difficult period together.

Martine Ackermann offers to celebrate a new country every day. Tomorrow, on March 20, it will be Russian day! The words of the anthem will be shared on social networks so everyone who wants can join the singing on their balcony.

Join Martine Ackermann in this beautiful initiative! Let’s be united as one country in this difficult moment and go through it together with a song!

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