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Top Marques Monaco 2017: Flying cars and drone races

It’s the fourth biggest event in the Principality after the Monaco Grand Prix, the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters and the Yacht Show: the Top Marques Show runs every year, displaying the world of supercars and luxury.  Cars, boats, and other futuristic innovations will be presented at this year’s fair.

This year’s edition will feature a 100% Monegasque theme.  “We’ll commence with the smallest thing, a 20 gram drone, which will participate in the first race of drone versus supercar, while filming video footage. Then on the Formula 1 race track, a race between a supercar versus a Monegasque drone,” said Steven Saltzman, Director of Top Marques.

James Bond's Flying Car
James Bond’s Flying Car. Source:

He wanted to create “a forum that sells all the items James Bond would want.” This is how Steven Saltzman summarizes the main idea of ​​Top Marques. Not only is he one of the directors of the fair which will take place from the 20th to the 23rd of April at the Grimaldi Forum, he is also the son of Harry Saltzman, producer of the legendary James Bond saga. “One of these cars was created in the image of my father.  It was 50 years ago when he made the film ‘You Only Live Twice’ in Japan.  It had a car which was very helicopter-like, that was called ‘Little Nelly’.  And this time, PAL V Liberty, from Holland, will come and unveil it for the first time, a supercar which is also a gyrocopter.  And the funny thing is, it can only work in Monaco because it needs 100 meters to take off and land,” said Saltzman. The flying supercar which will be unveiled at the inauguration of the 14th edition is a world first.

Pal V Liberty
Pal V Liberty. Source:

Not one, but two flying cars

The new prototype from AeroMobil is the first commercial flying car.  “An aircraft which is also a fully functional four-wheeler,” summarizes a representative from AeroMobil, the company that designed it. A hopeful future, as the company intends to “meet its first potential customers at Top Marques.” Flying cars will not be the only innovations at the show.

AeroMobil World Premiere 2017
AeroMobil World Premiere 2017. Source:

Several World Premieres

Four global supercar launches are planned. Including the C10 from Calafiore, whose exhibition displays, for now, a vehicle covered with a sheet. Or the Princess Charlotte edition of Asfané from Frangivento. And the Jean Boulle Luxury Group announced that a Classic Bentley Azure covered with diamonds will be presented. Another world premiere.“We’ll have for the first time at the Grimaldi Forum, a Bentley that nobody has seen yet, covered completely in diamond paint, made of powdered diamonds.  We recently saw a Rolls which had the same treatment, but this will be the first Bentley. The incredible thing is that this concept comes from Monaco.  And the third thing that we adore is a new car, Frangivento, which is a car that everyone has seen from the outside, but nobody has seen the interior. The interior will be unveiled in Monaco,” said Saltzman.

There will also be exceptional cars on display in front of the Casino: more than 25 supercars will be available for testing on part of the Grand Prix circuit.

In the air, on land…and at sea.

K7 Kormaran
K7 Kormaran. Source:

The Silver Muse, a new ship from Silversea which was baptized in Monaco on 19 April and whose registered office is in Monaco, will also be at Top Marques. With a cabin reconstructed and displayed at the fair. Six superboats will also be present, including the K7 from Kormaran, a ‘transformer’, six in one. There will also be watch brands, such as Franck Muller or Ateliers de Monaco, brands of fine jewelry, art, notably with a pop-up gallery from Laurent Strouk. And Steven Saltzman insists on “innovations from his region”. The drivers of Venturi, Stéphane Sarrazin and Maro Engel will be present. An electric car as well. Erwan Grimaud, creator of MC-Clic, will present his new drone, the 47, manufactured in Monaco with 3D printers. Capable of pushing six times its weight of 200 grams, the machine reaches 100 km/h in less than 1 and a half seconds. It will be possible to buy it or reserve it on site (800 euros). This year promises to be very popular, as ticket sales have already doubled compared with last year.

Top Marques

Top Marques runs from the 20th to 23rd of April at the Grimaldi Forum. From 10 am to 8 pm and until 7:30 pm on Sunday. Between 36 and 50 euros for adults, between 18 and 25 euros for children free for children under 6. 

For more info, visit: or +37799993000


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