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Tourism and Conventions in Monaco: the DTC gives the invisible hand of the market a boost

While Monaco has obvious natural appeal with its physical beauty and prime position on the Cote d’Azur (not to mention its image as a centre of glamour, sports and entertainment), did you ever wonder how year over year there is ever more interest in Monaco as a tourist destination and why there are a proliferation of Conventions here of international importance?

There is a plan behind all of this, actually at least 10 plans, because Monaco’s Tourism and Convention’s Authority, DTC, has 10 offices doing work constantly around the globe. No wonder after 250 targeted initiatives in at least 20 countries by this group that interest in Monaco grows exponentially.

And every year, Guillaume Rose Director of the DTC brings together these “ambassadors of tourism”, some of whom work thousands of kilometers each day to promote the Principality.

And so it was that today at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel, that Government Counselor and Minister of Finance and Economy, Jean Castellini, opened the annual conference which invites representatives of the various representative offices abroad from the Tourism and Conventions Authority (DTC) to a unique setting in Monte-Carlo to leverage their joint knowledge and capabilities.

Guillaume Rose Director of the DTC
Guillaume Rose Director of the DTC

HelloMonaco is discovering just how much work and organisation lies behind the initiatives of these 10 offices. For this year’s conference, each office had the opportunity to present the figures and trends of its market for the year 2017 and announced the various events and projects it proposes to organize in the coming year. And so tourism in Monaco in 2018 will unfold not solely by the invisible hand of the market, or by the natural enthusiasm of its visitors, but also due to the resourcefulness and promotional activity guided by the DTC.

During this week, there was a hive of activity as these representatives of the Principality meet Monegasque tourism partners (restaurants, hotels, incoming agencies, transport operators, etc.).

However, what is really special about this unique moment in the year is the opportunity it presents for these professionals to pool their creative knowledge and fine-tune strategies that will be developed and applied in foreign markets to increase the economic impact of tourism in the Principality.

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